Combination Boilers meet every hot water need

Challenger Combination BoilerCombination boilers are growing in popularity as a compact, cost efficient, and energy source for heat and hot water.  Combination boilers provide the efficiencies of a condensing boiler and a tankless water heater in one appliance.  This combination is more cost effective than separate boilers and water heaters and much more space efficient.

Most combination boilers follow a similar design where hot water heating is simply accomplished with a dedicated hot water heat exchanger built into the boiler cabinet.  Triangle Tube’s Challenger Combination Boiler and Prestige Excellence models have innovative designs that differentiate them from their competition making them more efficient with a better hot water response.

The Challenger Combination Boiler features a unique two-in-one heat exchanger that provides both space heat and hot water.  Prestige Excellence Combination BoilerThis innovative design makes the Challenger more compact and easier to install.  Because the hot water is heated in the primary heat exchanger, there are fewer components, making it more reliable but more importantly it is much more efficient.  With cold supply water flowing into the heat exchanger, the Challenger operates fully in the condensing mode, extracting the most heat possible from the natural gas or propane fuel.

The Prestige Excellence Combination Boiler combines Triangle Tube’s high efficiency stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger  with  Triangle Tube’s tank-in-tank water heater.  The unique tank-in-tank design stores 14 gallons of hot water and can provide 3 gpm of hot water on an ongoing basis.  The stored supply provides the hot water response of a traditional water heater. 

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Combination Boilers efficiently produce both heat and hot water

Triangle Tube brings energy efficiency and simplicity together with their line of combination boilers.  Combination boilers provide both heat and hot water from a single appliance.  This simplifies life by eliminating duplicate heat sources and frees up space that would be taken by a separate water heater.  In addition, the investment in an energy efficient boiler will pay off when heating hot water too.  

Triangle Tube offers two high efficiency combination boiler models.

Challenger Solo BoilerChallenger Combi Combination Boiler - The Challenger Combi Condensing Boiler is designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency in a minimum footprint.  The   The Challenger's compact size and quiet operation makes it perfect for installations in closets or in spaces near the living space.  The unique dual function heat exchangercopper water-tube and aluminum heat exchanger provides efficiency and rugged reliability.  In addition, the aluminum design makes the Challenger light enough for single-person installation if needed.

The Challenger Solo features a reliable boiler control and an easy-to-install piping bracket.  The compact Challenger Solo doesn't skimp on performance, though, with 4 models from 85 MBH to 150 MBH, which will be enough for most 4 bedroom homes.  Efficiency is not compromised either, with up to AFUE ratings of up to 93.5%.


Prestige Condensing BoilerPrestige Excellence Combination Boiler - The Prestige Excellence Combination Boiler combines the efficiency of the Prestige Solo Condensing Boiler and the performance of the Smart Indirect Water Heater in one unit.  The Prestige Excellence features a revolutionary stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger for performance, efficiency (AFUE 95%), and reliability in both heating and hot water mode.  For more information on the this heat exchanger click here.   

The Prestige Excellence is a unique combination boiler.  Unlike most models, which do not maintain a stored volume of water, the Prestige Excellence maintains 14 gallons of water for immediate use.  The tank-in-tank water heater within the unit heats water so quickly and efficiently that it can handle most showers with an "unending" supply of hot water.




Indirect Water Heaters can replace traditional water heaters

Many homes have separate radiant (hydronic) heating systems and domestic hot water heaters.  There may have been a good reason for this in the past.  Prior to the wide availability of indirect water heaters, homeowners with radiant heat could either use a tankless coil system or they could use a traditional water heater.  Tankless coils heat domestic hot water by passing the water through a coil inside the boiler.  This has been a fairly standard water heating solution which eliminates the need to have a separate water heater.  

Indirect Water HeaterIndirect water heaters were introduced nearly 25 years ago in North America.  They heat domestic hot water with the boiler system water, eliminating the need for a separate heat source.  As boilers have become smaller, tankless coils were not practical for modern boilers and indirect water heaters became more popular.

If your home has radiant heat, and you are looking for a replacement traditional gas, oil, or electric water heater, it may make sense to replace it with an indirect water heater like the Smart Series models from Triangle Tube.  The Smart Indirect Water Heaters use a unique tank-in-tank design that reduces standby heat loss to less than 1 degree F per hour.  The Smart Series stainless steel design is robust enough to last a lifetime.  In fact it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  

Smart Indirect Water Heaters are a green alternative to traditional or tankless water heaters.  They can be used with traditional or high efficiency boilers which operate on oil, natural gas, or propane.  In addition there are multi-energy models to work with solar water heater systems.

To see more information about Smart Indirect Water Heaters, check out these posts.  Contact your local factory trained contractor for an in-home analysis.


High Efficiency Boilers - How Modulation works.

There have been significant gains in the energy efficiency of hydronic heating systems in the last decade.  Many of these gains have been made possible by the use of microprocessors to better control the boiler's function.  Modulation is one of the functions that modern boiler controls have made possible that is driving energy efficiency gains.

Modulation is the term used to describe the ability of a boiler to fire at varying rates.  If you think of a gas stove, modulation is your ability to control the burner's heat output - anywhere from "warm" to "full boil". 

Traditional boilers do not have the ability to modulate.  They are either at "full boil" or they are off.  Now, think how efficient it would be to cook your dinner with this type of control.  You would be constantly turning the stove on and off, trying to maintain the right temperature.  If you consider that boilers are inefficient during the start-up periods and are actually least efficient at "full boil" otherwise known as "high-fire", you will quickly realize that this is not the best way to run a boiler.

Modern controls such as those in Prestige boilers, use a variety of sensors to monitor the boiler system and adjust (modulate) the output of the boiler to meet the heating needs of the home.  This modulation allows the boiler to run longer (fewer on and off cycles) at lower fire rates (for improved efficiency) while still maintaining the desired temperature in the Prestige Excellencehome.  Modulation is effective in residential radiant heating applications.   This is especially true in modern radiant floor heating, where the system temperatures are lower. 

Triangle Tube's Prestige Solo boilers utilize modern features such as modulation, outdoor reset, low NOx burners, and a unique stainless steel heat exchanger to deliver outstanding efficiency with an AFUE rating of 95%.  The Prestige Excellence combination boiler provides both heat and up to 180 gallons per hour of hot water from within the boiler, eliminating the need for a seperate domestic hot water tank.  All Prestige Models are available for natural gas and propane.

Smart Water HeaterIf a seperate hot water heater is desired, Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Water Heaters are the perfect companion to the Prestige Solo.  With a unique stainless steel tank-in-tank design, the Smart indirect water heaters heat water quickly, with standby heat loss costs as little as $0.05 per day.  With a limited LIFETIME residential warranty, the Smart indirect water heaters are a sound investment.


Indirect Water Heaters prevent hot spots to extend their life

You don't need to give up performance and comfort to reduce your hot water heating costs.  Indirect water heaters can provide the performance of traditional storage type water heaters with the energy efficiency of instantaneous models.  In addition to the savings on your utility bills every month, the replacement costs can be eliminated.  

Smart Series Water HeatersThe Smart Series Indirect Water Heaters feature a stainless steel inner tank for superior corrosion resistance.  But superior materials are only half of the story.  In addition to resisting corrosion, the Smart Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique tank-in-tank design that is self cleaning and eliminate hot spots within the tank.  The stainless steel inner tank is surrounded by boiler system water in the outer tank.  This hot boiler system water is able to transfer it's heat over the entire surface of the inner tank.  This prevents the formation of hot spots within the tank.

In traditional water heaters hot spots form at the bottom of the tank in gas fired models.  In electric models the heating elements are hot spots.  And in most other indirect water heaters, the heating coil within the tank is a hot spot.  Why are hot spots a failure method?  Hot spots encourage scale formation.  The suspended minerals in water are attracted to heat, and will gather on the hottest areas in the tank.  As this scale builds up, it acts as insulation on the heating element.  This makes the hot spot hotter, encouraging more scale formation, and then insulating the hot spot further.

Eventually this area becomes so hot, that the area fails.  Tanks will fail due to the stress caused by the extreme heat.  

Triangle Tube's Smart Series Indirect Water Heaters virtually eliminate this problem.  They are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty as prove of their durability.  There are 7 sizes to choose from from 30 gallons to 120 gallons  Contact Triangle Tube or your local Triangle Tube installer for more information.


Condensing Boilers & Indirect Water Heaters

Triangle Tube has a history of over 60 years producing stainless steel indirect water heaters and condensing boilers.  Triangle Tube draws on this expertise to build energy efficiency and durability into every product.  Today's Triangle Tube product line includes:

Prestige Boiler


Condensing Boilers - Energy efficiency begins at the boiler.  This is why Triangle Tube makes only condensing, modulating, high efficiency boilers.  Every boiler we build is Energy Star listed, with an AFUE of over 90%.  Triangle Tube boilers operate on either natural gas or propane and are available in sizes to fit single bedroom homes up to multi-unit apartment buildings.  Click here to learn more about Triangle Tube's complete line of Condensing Boilers.


Challenger Boiler

Combination Boilers - Combination boilers are the ultimate multi-tasker.  They product both heat and hot water in a single unit, simplifying your life, and saving space and installation costs.  Triangle Tube's combination boilers offer two unique products.  The Challenger model features a unique two-in-one heat exchanger for simplicity and ultra-high efficiency in hot water production.  The Prestige Excellence model is also unique.  Unlike all other combination boilers, the Prestige Excellence features an integrated indirect water heater, to provide traditional water heater response with the size and energy savings of a combination boiler.  More information on Triangle Tube's combination boilers is available here.


Smart Indirect Water Heater

Indirect Water Heaters and Pool Heaters - Indirect Water Heaters provide simplicity and efficiency. Triangle Tube's Smart series of Indirect Water Heaters utilize the boiler as the heat source.  This eliminates the need to maintain and vent the heating source on the water heater, simplifying the installation and saving on maintenance costs.  Triangle Tube's Smart series models feature a unique stainless steel tank-in-tank design that is so durable it comes with a lifetime warranty.  Triangle Tube's Maxi-flo models also use the boiler as the heat source, but they are designed to heat pools or spas.  Click here for more information on Smart and Maxi-flo models.


Combination boilers from Triangle Tube

Triangle Tube is the industry leader in high efficiency boilers and indirect water heaters.  Triangle Tube introduced both the stainless steel fire-tube boiler heat exchanger and the stainless steel tank-in-tank indirect water heater to North America, so it is no wonder that they created one of the first combination boilers when they combined these two technologies into one highly efficient appliance, the Prestige Excellence.  Triangle Tube revolutionized the industry again in 2011 when they introduced the unique two-in-one heat exchanger in the Challenger Combination Boiler.  Both the Prestige and Challenger models operate on both natural gas and propane.

When you are looking for energy efficient radiant hydronic heating and water heating in one compact appliance, Triangle Tube has the answer for you.  Actually you can take your pick of two answers with the Prestige Excellence and Challenger Combination Boiler.

Prestige ExcellencePrestige Excellence - The Prestige Excellence features the most advanced, easy-to-use, and reliable technology available today, to deliver high performance space and water heating in one package.  In fact, the Prestige offers you something no other combination boiler can - the experience of a tanked water heater.  The Prestige Excellence is a combination boiler that can deliver ultra-high efficient space heating with an AFUE of 95%.  In addition, the Prestige Excellence features a 14 gallon indirect water heater.  This compact, high performance water heater delivers 3 gallons per minute of hot water, enough for a normal shower, without the cold-water-sandwich effect that most on-demand water heaters suffer with.

The Prestige Excellence has a 110 MBH heat exchanger which will meet the needs of most 3 and 4 bedroom homes.  The Prestige Excellence also features the unique, easy-to-use Trimax control.  For more information on the Trimax control, click here.  

Click here for more information on the Prestige Excellence.


Challenger Combination BoilerChallenger Combination Boiler - The Challenger Combination Boiler is a testament to the adage that true genius lies in simplicity. The Challenger's unique two-in-one heat exchanger features dual copper waterways in an aluminum heat exchanger.  The space heating water travels in one waterway while the domestic water travels in a second.  These dual waterways in one heat exchanger simplifies the design, eliminating many components for greater reliability.  In addition when the domestic water is heated in the primary heat exchanger, the Challenger works at an efficiency that most other combination boilers cannot match.

The Challenger Combination Boiler is available in three inputs of 85, 105, or 125 MBH.  These models allow you to match the Challenger to your specific needs.  The Challenger Combination Boilers are highly efficient with AFUE's up to 93.5%.

Click here for more information on the Challenger Combination Boiler.



Heat your Salt Water Pool with a Titanium Pool Heater

Salt Water pools have overtaken traditional chlorinated pools over the past few years.  There is no doubt that salt water pools are here to stay.  If you are considering upgrading your traditional pool to salt water, or if you are installing a new salt water pool, this is the perfect time to think about adding or updating your pool heater as well.  

Maxi-flo pool heat exchangerIf you already have a pool heater, you will want to determine if the change to salt water will require a replacement.  While salt water pools have many benefits, the one area to review is your stainless steel fittings.  Stainless steel pool heaters are generally not compatible with salt water pools, and in most cases should be replaced with titanium models.  Titanium pool heaters have grown in popularity and availability as salt water pools have grown.  

Triangle Tube's Maxi-Flo pool heat exchangers are available in titanium in a wide range of sizes to meet your specific requirements.  The Maxi-Flo is one of the more cost efficient and reliable pool heating systems available.  The Maxi-Flo uses your home's boiler to heat the pool, simplifying the system greatly.  No special gas lines or burner maintenance is required.  The Maxi-Flo easily connects to your existing boiler system and pool piping.  Since there are no moving parts in the Maxi-Flo, there is nothing to wear out.  

If you don't have a boiler, it may be cost effective to install a boiler to work with the Maxi-Flo.  The Maxi-Flo maximizes the efficiency of condensing boilers.  The boiler runs at a lower temperature, with allows the high efficiency boilers to condense the moisture in the flue gas, adding up to 10% to the overall efficiency.  And high efficiency boilers are modulating, which means they can adjust their output to meet the demands of the pool heater.

Contact Triangle Tube or your local factory trained contractor for more information. 



Indirect Water Heaters Provide Lifetime Warranty

Triangle Tube's Smart Series Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique tank-in-tank design.  This unique, yet logical approach is the key to both efficient performance and long life.    

Smart Indirect Water HeaterThe Smart Indirect Water Heaters have a stainless steel inner tank that contains domestic hot water that can be used in showers, dishwashers, and other common household uses.     The outer tank contains boiler water that completely surrounds the inner tank.  As the domestic hot water is used it is replaced by cold water, which lowers the temperature.  Once the temperature decreases below the minimum setting, the boiler sends hot water to the outer tank to bring the temperature up to the setting.

Because the inner tank is completely surrounded by boiler water, there is no concentrated hot spot in the tank.  This not only heats water four times as fast as an electric water heater, but it extends the life of the water heater.  Water heaters fail due to sediment that forms on the hot spots.  Because the Smart Indirect Water Heaters have no hot spots, sediment does not form.  

Smart Indirect Water Heaters come with a limited lifetime warranty.  The stainless steel inner tank and the unique tank-in-tank design ensure that the water heater provides decades of hot water.  Smart Indirect Water Heaters are available in 7 sizes to fit virtually any application.  Contact your nearby factory trained Triangle Tube contractor for more information.


Indirect water heater design virtually eliminates scale

The biggest enemy of your hot water heater is scale.  Scale is formed when the minerals that are suspended in the water collect of the hot interior surfaces of the water heater.  This scale gradually builds and can become several inches thick.  

Smart Indirect Water Heater

Scale builds on the hottest surfaces of the water heater, which accelerates the wear on the unit.  The scale acts as an insulator.  As the scale builds, the water heater must work harder to heat the water.  The heat does not transfer well through the scale, which increases the time required the heat the water - which can result in a cold shower !  Since the heat is prevented from transferring to the water, the heating surfaces get extremely hot, which leads to water heater failure.

Triangle Tube's Smart Series Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique design that virtually eliminates scale.  The Smart Indirect Water Heaters feature a tank-in-tank design that maximizes the heat transfer surface area.  The stainless steel interior tank contains the domestic water while the exterior tank contains the boiler system water.  Since the tank is completely surrounded by hot water, the entire interior tank surface is the heat transfer area.  With such a large surface area, the scale does not concentrate on one area.  

In addition, the interior tank is designed to slightly expand and contract as the hot water is drained and cold water is added to the tank.  The temperature change causes the interior tank to contract slightly.  This movement causes any small scale deposits to break free and pass through the system.  The elimination of the scale and superior design of the Smart Indirect Water Heaters allows Triangle Tube to back them with a limited lifetime warranty.

Contact Triangle Tube or a Triangle Tube factory trained contractor today for more information.


Combine a High Efficiency Boiler with an Indirect Water Heater for maximum efficiency

When looking for ways to reduce heating costs a high efficiency boiler is an obvious place to start.  Advances in heat exchanger design and burner control technology allows high Prestige Modulating Boilerefficiency boilers to use up to 30% less fuel than their traditional counterparts.  Triangle Tube specializes in high efficiency boilers and produces three models.  Challenger models feature a unique copper water tube design in an aluminum heat exchanger.  Keystone models feature a stainless steel water tube design for larger residences and light commercial applications.  Prestige models feature a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with the unique TriMax control.  All Triangle Tube boilers are designed to run on either Natural Gas or Propane.  They feature efficiencies of between 90% and 95% AFUE.  

Smart Indirect Water HeatersWhen looking for maximum efficiency, there is no need to stop with the boiler.  It is important to look at all of the parts of the system.  For example installing radiant floor heating instead of traditional radiators can deliver both energy savings and a more comfortable home.  Significant energy savings can also be achieved by installing an indirect water heater.  Water heating accounts for 14% of the typical home's energy use so savings in water heating can add up quickly.  Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique stainless steel tank-in-tank design that provides maximum efficiency throughout it's long life.  And the Smart Indirect Water Heaters are designed to have a long life, backed by their lifetime replacement warranty.  The energy savings combined with the lifetime guarantee make the Smart Indirect Water Heaters a Smart Choice ! 


Titanium Pool Heaters Extend the Swimming Season for Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools have increased dramatically in the last decade.  From 16% of installations in 2002, they now represent nearly 50% of all new pool installations.  Homeowners appreciate the water quality and low operating costs of these salt water systems.

Triangle Tube's Maxi-flo Pool & Spa Heat Exchangers can be used to extend the length of the swimming season.  Maxi-flo heat exchangers are used in combination with a boiler, and are most efficient when used with a combination boiler.  In most cases, homeowners use an existing boiler that they are using for hydronic heating.  But a growing number of homeowners are installing a complete pool heating system with a dedicated condensing boiler which are capable of efficiencies of up to 98% during pool heating.  Triangle Tube's Challenger, Prestige, and Keystone Condensing Boilers  are excellent models for pool heating.

The Maxi-flo Titanium heat exchangers are designed to meet the needs of the salt water pools.  Salt water will corrode stainless steel,   The Titanium models have been proven to provide years of reliable service.   Contact a Triangle Tube Contractor for more information. 


Heat your Hot Water with the Summer (and Winter) Sun

A July day outside can make you appreciate the power of the sun.  Solar panels are appearing in more places and when most people think of solar energy they think of the solar pv panels that generate electricity.  But the solar systems with the quickest payback are solar thermal systems.  These systems can provide heat and hot water at near zero cost.  And considering that hot water represents 15% of a typical home's heating bill, this is can add up to a significant amount.

Solar thermal systems heat water or a water-glycol mixture that is then used to heat domestic water or a home using hydronic heating.  Triangle Tube's Smart SME Indirect Water Heaters are designed to be the heart of a solar thermal system.  The Smart SME Indirect Water Heater contains an stainless steel heat exchanger coil for the solar system fluid.  This coil is surrounded by the hydronic heating system water, which allows the solar system to transfer heat to the home when desired. 

The Smart SME also contains a stainless steel tank that contains domestic water.  This tank accepts heat from the hydronic system water that has been heated by the solar thermal system.  The Smart SME features the unique tank-in-tank design that virtually eliminates scale build-up that will ensure efficient heating throughout the life of the system.

Smart SME Indirect Water Heaters are available in three sizes with 60, 80 and 120 gallons of storage capacity.  Contact Triangle Tube to learn more about these green water heating products !



Condensing Boilers Maximize Savings from this Warm Winter !

The unusually warm winter in North America has cut everyone's heating costs this year - but the biggest winners by far are homeowners heating with high efficiency condensing hydronic heating systems.  The two features of condensing boilers that contribute to these large savings are Modulation and Outdoor Reset.

Modulation is the process that increases or decreases the heat output, or firing rate, of the boiler.  Just like your kitchen stove, a modulating boiler can adjust its heat output but it doesn't need a person there to make the adjustment.  The boiler's control monitors the heat absorbed by the house by measuring the temperature of the boiler water as it leaves and as it returns to the boiler.  The larger the temperature difference, the more heat the boiler must add to the water, and the higher the firing rate that the control will create.

Non-modulating boilers operate at full fire all of the time.  This is inefficient for two reasons.  First, the boiler is least efficient at full fire, and most efficient at low fire.  So the longer the boiler can run at low fire, the more efficient it is.  Second, each time the boiler starts and stops it loses efficiency.  Modulating boilers run longer at lower temperatures, minimizing the starts and stops.

Outdoor reset is a simple yet extremely important part of a high efficiency system.  An outdoor sensor tells the boiler's control what the temperature is outside.  The boiler uses this information to adjust the temperature of the water that the boiler supplies to the radiant emitters.  This supply water does not need to be as hot during warm weather as it does during cold weather.  By supplying lower temperature water to the system, the boiler can maximize its efficiency.  Click here for outdoor reset basics.

Triangle Tube provides three models of condensing boilers.  The Prestige models feature a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with a full featured TriMax control and are available from 60 to 399 MBH.  The Prestige Excellence provides heat and up to 180 gallons per hour of hot water from its indirect water heater.  The Challenger models are available for both heating only (Solo), and combination heat and hot water (Combi) applications.  Challenger boilers are sized from 85 MBH to 150 MBH.   The Keystone models feature a stainless steel water tube heat exchanger and are available in sizes from 399 to 850 MBH for larger residences and light commercial applications. 

Contact Triangle Tube today for more information.


Keystone Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters Provide High Output Heat and Hot Water

Triangle Tube's new Keystone Condensing Boilers are now available.  With boilers sized between 399 and 850 the Keystones fill the hydronic heating needs of large residences and light commercial buildings.  Keystone Condensing Boiler

The stainless steel heat exchangers are designed for high condensing efficiency.  The thermal efficiency is rated between 95% and 97%.  Each boiler is set up for use with natural gas, but comes equipped with a propane conversion kit and can be easily converted.  The low NOx emissions are low enough to meet 2012 SCAQMD requirements.

The Keystone boilers from 500 to 850 MBH are CSD-1 compliant standard.  This simplifies specification and installation and greatly reduces installation costs.  The Keystone Condensing Boiler's control panel is easy to use and provides many user friendly features.  The control can combine up to 8 boilers for larger heating requirements.  Each boiler is equipped with an outdoor sensor for the control's outdoor reset function. 

The new Keystone Condensing Boilers provides efficient hydronic heating for larger applications now from Triangle TubeContact your Triangle Tube representative today.


New Prestige Boiler Wiring Simplifies Installation

Prestige Condensing BoilerTriangle Tube's Prestige Boiler revolutionized the residential high efficiency boiler industry in 2003.  While the Prestige line has expanded and improved over the years, the latest revisions represent the most significant improvements to the Prestige.  The Prestige has led the industry for nearly a decade and the newest generation further solidifies this position.

The TriMax control truly differentiates the Prestige from the competition with unmatched simplicity in use and power in control.  With features like a 60 second EZ setup the TriMax makes control both intuitive and efficient.  A complete feature on the TriMax control will be coming in the near future.
Prestige Solo Boiler Internal View
While the TriMax truly differentiates the Prestige from the competition, there are many other changes that improve the ease of installation, ease of use, and long term reliability of the Prestige.  The Prestige wiring panel has been greatly improved to make wiring the boiler easier than ever.  All external wires are routed into the bottom of the enclosure through one of the 9 knock-outs.  Each knockout is located near a terminal, allowing for neat wiring within the boiler.  All low voltage wiring is located on the left side of the enclosure while the high voltage is on the right.  This simplifies wiring and minimizes electrical interference.  Finally, each high voltage connection is individually fused, making troubleshooting fast and easy. 

The wiring connections are on a fixed panel, eliminating movement that could dislodge them during servicing.  A wiring harness joins them to the TriMax control panel that conveniently folds down for easy access during routine service.  When servicing is complete the panel folds up again and is held in place with two slide latches.  No tools required !

The Prestige Solo and Prestige Excellence boilers are designed for ease of use and long term reliability.  Using natural gas or propane, they deliver hydronic heat efficiently with an AFUE of 96%.  Their stainless steel, condensing heat exchanger is perfect for residential radiant heating applications and deliver maximum efficiency with radiant floor heating. 

The Prestige Solo can be combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater for domestic hot water needs.  The Prestige Excellence comes with an internal indirect water heater for up to 180 gallons per hour of domestic hot water.  Click here for an brief video describing the benefits of the Prestige boilers.

Prestige Cascade beats Alaskan Cold

Alaska Housing AuthorityWhen the Anchorage Housing Authority approached Bittner Plumbing and Heating to upgrade the heat and hot water for their 44 unit apartment building, they wanted a system that would be efficient and reliable.  Paul Bittner of Bittner Plumbing and Heating worked with Mark Herrington at Heating and Ventilation sales to design in a Triangle Tube Prestige Cascade boiler system with Smart Indirect Water heaters to do the job.

Prestige CascadeThe 44 units are heated with baseboard radiation and the hot water for all units is provided by the twin 120 gallon Smart tanks.  ThePrestige Cascade Condensing Boiler unit is built with three 399 MBH boilers.  This provides a highly efficient and effective boiler plant.  By combining the three boilers, a turndown of over 10 to 1 is achieved.  This helps the plant run efficiently with parallel modulation.  With three boilers, the building has the reliability of redundancy in the event of a boiler error or maintenance.  The three boilers are vented with a common vent manifold to minimize the vent piping and provide a single vent pipe.

Smart Indirect Water HeatersThe Smart Indirect Water Heaters are also both highly reliable and efficient.  The inner stainless steel tank is designed to expand and contract as the water temperature changes during use.  This tank expansion eliminates scale build-up which reduces efficiency and leads to tank failures.  The unique tank-in-tank design provides a large surface area for heat transfer which reduces the amount of time required to heat the water.  These two Smart units replaced conventional direct fired water heaters.  The Smart tanks have 2" of foam insulation completely surrounding the tanks, keeping heat loss down to less than 2 degrees F per hour.

The Housing Authority's decision to upgrade their cast iron boilers and conventional water heaters with Triangle Tube's efficient Prestige and Smart models is saving money every day. As the heating season progresses I will post the savings data. 



Indirect Water Heater - See how it's made !

How It's Made has been a very successful show on TV for good reason.  How many of us haven't wondered how things we use every day are made?  Today's manufacturing techniques make our standard of living possible by allowing products to be manufactured reliably and cost effectively. 

Nowhere is this more evident than at Triangle Tube's Indirect Water Heater factory.  How doSmart Indirect Water Heater we get a stainless steel inner tank inside the steel outer tank?  Using stamping presses, robots, and laser welding these tanks are created from steel and stainless steel sheets and tube, assembled, and then insulated to provide the highest level of energy efficiency.

Now you can go inside Triangle Tube's factory without bording a plane.  Click HERE to begin your tour.  You will see the Artisanship and Automation that creates the Smart Indirect Water Heater.  Smart Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique tank-in-tank design that virtually eliminates limescale buildup - which ruins most other water heaters.  Smart Indirect Water Heaters can be paired with a new or existing boiler, regardless of the make of the boiler. 

Of course we recommend that you consider using a Triangle Tube Prestige Condensing Boiler for optimum performance. The Prestige is extremely energy efficient, with an AFUE of 96%, and uses advanced control technology to match your heating needs to the heating system to maximize your energy savings.

To learn more about the Smart Indirect Water Heater, click HERE to see more blog posts describing its benefits, or HERE to go to our website for more information.

Natural Gas Condensing Boilers - The Green Solution

One of the positive changes in recent times has been the increased awareness of our impact on the environment.  It was not long ago that "Green" was not a part of our everyday terminology - and who ever heard of a carbon footprint.  Today a significant and ever-growing portion of society considers the environmental impact of their decisions on a regular basis.

Another recent positive change has been the increased use of natural gas.  Not only is it readily available in North America, but it is also a very clean burning fuel.  These two features make it very attractive for many consumers.  Finally, the Prestige Condensing Boilertechnological advancement of hydronic (boiler) heating solutions has resulted in condensing boilers that can operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

Triangle Tube helped drive the residential condensing boiler revolution with the Prestige Condensing Boiler.  Its unique stainless steel fire tube design, high efficiency (96% AFUE), and reliability have made it a leader in its market.  When combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater, homeowners will have an extremely efficient heating and hot water system.
Challenger Combination Boiler
Triangle Tube recently added the Challenger Combination Boiler to its lineup.  This boiler combines a high efficiency (95% AFUE) boiler with an instantaneous water heater within the same unit.  The results is an appliance that provides heat and hot water from the smallest foot print imaginable.  The Challenger is perfect for closet installations or areas where space is at a premium.  

Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers work with both natural gas and propane.  Choose one of them for your "Green" efforts.



Replacing your boiler or water heater? Summer is the best time to install a high efficiency boiler and water heater.

With the weather finally turning nicer and summer just around the corner it is tempting to put the memories of high heating bills and an old boiler away with the winter coats.  But now is the best time to work on replacing your old boiler and water heater.

1) Installing a new boiler in the summer allows the installer to do the work without turning off the heat in your house.  Both you and the installer will be happy about that !

2) Heating oil has reached record levels and shows no sign of a significant change.  Many people are "planning ahead" by locking in relatively low rates over the summer months.  If you can switch to natural gas you can lock in the low rates permanently. 

3)  Natural gas at $1.25 per therm is less than half the cost of heating oil at $3.70 per gallon.  If you can switch from oil to natural gas you will cut your heating bills in half - before you even consider the higher efficiency of today's boilers.

4) By acting now you will be able to have contractors focus on delivering the best hydronic heating system design for your needs.  Without the rush of emergency repairs, contractors have the time and desire to focus on your installation. 
Radiant Floor
5) By doing your research now you will be able to select the best products for your home.  You may consider installing radiant floor heating to replace a furnace or baseboard.  Radiant floor heating can be installed in many existing homes without replacing the existing wood, tile, or carpeted floors.  Working over the summer time gives you the time to make an educated decision and gives the contractor the time to get the job done before the first Prestige Condensing Boilerfrost.

As you are doing your research, be sure to consider selecting products that best fit your needs.  Triangle Tube offers two lines of natural gas or propane high efficiency condensing boilers. 

Triangle Tube's Prestige Condensing Boiler is a feature-rich boiler with a stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger.  This heat exchanger has a high water content which maximizes efficiency by minimizing short cycling and pump electrical demand.  This boiler has become the high efficiency boiler leader due to its reliable performance and high efficiency with an AFUE of 96%.

The Prestige Excellence contains an integrated indirect water heater that allows it to not only meet your space heating demands, but also produce 180 gallons per hour of domestic hot water.  If you prefer a separate domestic hot water heater, the Smart Indirect Water Challenger Combination BoilerHeater, with a unique tank-in-tank design provides hot water with minimal standby losses and comes with a lifetime residential warranty.

Triangle Tube's Challenger Combination Boiler features a unique copper heat exchanger that provides both space heating and domestic hot water.  The Challenger is highly efficient in domestic hot water mode and has a 95% AFUE in space heating mode.

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