Indirect Water Heaters Save Energy and with Simplicity

Nearly 20% of residential energy bills is used to produce hot water.  Much of this energy is consumed to simply maintain the water in the water heater at the desired temperature.  Traditional gas water heaters have a flue in the center of the tank that is uninsulated, and allows the heat from the water in the tank to easily transfer to the air in the flue, which then goes outside.

Many homeowners have installed instantaneous water heaters to eliminate this heat loss.  Instantaneous Smart Indirect Water Heaterwater heaters do not have a storage tank, so they have virtually no standby heat loss.  Of course, by eliminating the storage tank, the water heater does not have the same response as a traditional water heater.  There is a longer wait time for the hot water to arrive at the faucet, along with other issues at low flow rates and the so called "hot water sandwich" effect.  

A simpler solution is available to homeowners with hydronic radiant heating.  Indirect water heaters can nearly eliminate standby heat loss.  Indirect water heaters use the heat from the boiler system water to heat the domestic hot water.  This eliminates the need for a burner system for the water heater, simplifying the unit and allowing it to be well insulated.

The Smart Indirect Water Heater from Triangle Tube is completely encased in 2 inches of foam insulation. This minimizes the heat loss to 1/2 degree F per hour.  This heat loss is so low, that it costs only $0.05 per day to keep 40 gallons of hot water ready to use (with natural gas).  The Smart 40 model is the most popular model, and its unique design gives it the ability to heat water twice as fast as a traditional gas water heater.  With this performance, many homeowners find that a Smart 40 delivers hot water better the traditional 75 gallon water heater it replaced.      

To find out more about how the Smart Indirect Water Heater can minimize your utility bills, contact Triangle Tube or your local factory-trained contractor today.


Indirect Water Heater's unique design provides efficiency and longevity advantage

Radiant heating systems are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.  Modern high efficiency boilers like the Prestige or Challenger Solo models from Triangle Tube maximize the efficiency of these systems.  But whether you are using a traditional or high efficiency boiler, an indirect water heater will provide hot water up to 50% more efficiently than traditional gas or oil models.Smart Indirect Water Heaters

The Smart Indirect Water Heater from Triangle Tube features a unique tank-in-tank design.  The inner tank contains the domestic hot water which is used in your shower, kitchen, clothes washer, etc.  The outer tank contains the boiler system water that is heated by the boiler.  When the domestic water temperature drops below the minimum level, usually because the hot water is being used, the boiler will send hot boiler system water to heat the tank containing the domestic water.  

This unique design of the inner tank has a large surface area to transfer the heat.  This large surface area heats water up to twice as fast as traditional natural gas or propane models and up to 4 times faster than electric models.  This allows homeowners to use a smaller water heater with superior performance of larger traditional hot water heaters.  

The tank in tank design virtually eliminates "hot spots" because the tank is surrounded by boiler water.  Other indirect water heaters use a heating coil that passes boiler water through a coil placed in the domestic water tank.  These coils are hot spots in the tank, and encourage the formation of scale.  Over time this scale build-up increases recovery times and causes premature failures.  The Smart Indirect Water Heaters are so reliable that they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Contact your local Triangle Tube factory trained installer today for more information.



Condensing Boiler and Indirect Water Heater featured on Hometime

Triangle Tube's Prestige Condensing Boiler and Smart Indirect Water Heater were selected for Hometime's recent home remodel.  The Prestige was chosen for the project for its energy efficiency, reliable performance, and ease of installation.  The videos illustrate the energy efficient Prestige TriMax Boiler control, which can operate with two different temperatures.  This allows the boiler to operate at a lower temperature for radiant floor heating and a higher temperature for domestic water heating with the Smart Indirect Water Heater.  

Operating at the lower temperature for space heating allows the boiler to operate at peak efficiency while operating at higher temperature allows for rapid domestic water heating.  This is just one example of the energy efficient operation of Triangle Tube boilers and water Heaters.




Indirect Water Heaters Minimize Standby Heat Losses

Energy conscious homeowners know that 15 to 20% of their energy bills go to heating hot water.  Much of this energy is consumed to simply maintain the water in the water heater at the desired temperature.  Traditional gas water heaters have a flue in the center of the tank that is uninsulated, and allows the heat from the water in the tank to easily transfer to the air in the flue, which then goes outside.

Many homeowners have installed instantaneous water heaters to eliminate this heat loss.  Instantaneous Smart Indirect Water Heaterwater heaters do not have a storage tank, so they have virtually no standby heat loss.  Of course, by eliminating the storage tank, the water heater does not have the same response as a traditional water heater.  There is a longer wait time for the hot water to arrive at the faucet, along with other issues at low flow rates and the so called "hot water sandwich" effect.  

A simpler solution is available to homeowners with hydronic radiant heating.  Indirect water heaters can nearly eliminate standby heat loss.  Indirect water heaters use the heat from the boiler system water to heat the domestic hot water.  This eliminates the need for a burner system for the water heater, simplifying the unit and allowing it to be well insulated.

The Smart Indirect Water Heater from Triangle Tube is completely encased in 2 inches of foam insulation. This minimizes the heat loss to 1/2 degree F per hour.  This heat loss is so low, that it costs only $0.05 per day to keep 40 gallons of hot water ready to use (with natural gas).  The Smart 40 model is the most popular model, and its unique design gives it the ability to heat water twice as fast as a traditional gas water heater.  With this performance, many homeowners find that a Smart 40 delivers hot water better the traditional 75 gallon water heater it replaced.      

To find out more about how the Smart Indirect Water Heater can minimize your utility bills, contact Triangle Tube or your local factory-trained contractor today.


Combine a High Efficiency Boiler with an Indirect Water Heater for maximum efficiency

When looking for ways to reduce heating costs a high efficiency boiler is an obvious place to start.  Advances in heat exchanger design and burner control technology allows high Prestige Modulating Boilerefficiency boilers to use up to 30% less fuel than their traditional counterparts.  Triangle Tube specializes in high efficiency boilers and produces three models.  Challenger models feature a unique copper water tube design in an aluminum heat exchanger.  Keystone models feature a stainless steel water tube design for larger residences and light commercial applications.  Prestige models feature a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger with the unique TriMax control.  All Triangle Tube boilers are designed to run on either Natural Gas or Propane.  They feature efficiencies of between 90% and 95% AFUE.  

Smart Indirect Water HeatersWhen looking for maximum efficiency, there is no need to stop with the boiler.  It is important to look at all of the parts of the system.  For example installing radiant floor heating instead of traditional radiators can deliver both energy savings and a more comfortable home.  Significant energy savings can also be achieved by installing an indirect water heater.  Water heating accounts for 14% of the typical home's energy use so savings in water heating can add up quickly.  Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique stainless steel tank-in-tank design that provides maximum efficiency throughout it's long life.  And the Smart Indirect Water Heaters are designed to have a long life, backed by their lifetime replacement warranty.  The energy savings combined with the lifetime guarantee make the Smart Indirect Water Heaters a Smart Choice ! 


Radiant Snow Melt Keeps Driveway and Patio Snow-Free

When the snow is falling the last thing you want to think about is shoveling the driveway.  But no matter how nice the falling snow looks, and how much fun it can be, eventually the driveway, sidewalk, steps, and patio need to be cleared.  Today's hydronic heating systems can solve this problem with Radiant Snow Melting. 

Radiant Snow Melt systems circulates warm water / glycol solution through flexible tubes just under the surface.  Advanced systems monitor the moisture and temperature and automatically turn on to melt the snow as it falls.  These systems have been used for many years at ski resorts, hospitals and nursing homes where it is critical to keep surfaces clear to minimize falls.

Radiant Living Magazine recently examined a unique snow-melt application in Greenwich, CT. Click here for the entire article (Spring 2012).   Triangle Tube's Prestige 399 condensing boilers were used in this featured application.  The Prestige Condensing, Modulating Boilers will operate at peak efficiency in snow melt applications.  Snow melt systems operate at low temperatures which maximize the efficiency of condensing boilers. 

Triangle Tube Condensing Boilers provide for all of your heating needs,  The most common use is for space heating with traditional radiators, baseboard, or radiant floor installations.  Pairing a boiler with a Smart Indirect Water Heater provides efficient domestic hot water.  Snow Melt and Pool Heating are perfect for the condensing boilers as they operate at maximum efficiency.


Challenger Boiler's 150 Model Provides Cost Efficient Hydronic Heat

The largest Challenger Condensing Boiler, the CC150s,has an input of 145 MBH, making it the highest output model in the Challenger lineup.  The Challenger CC150s is perfect for homes looking for a little extra heating capacity than the Challenger 125 or Prestige 110 can provide. 

With a compact, lightweight design, high heating capacity doesn't require a lot of space.  With a modern design that was styled to be installed in European kitchens, the Challenger 150 is quiet and attractive.  Standard twin pipe or optional concentric venting provides venting solutions for every need, and the Challenger 150s is designed to work with the Smart Indirect Water Heater to provide space heating and domestic hot waters.  The standard outdoor reset maximizes energy efficiency to achieve an AFUE of 93%.  The Challenger can work with traditional cast iron radiators or in slab or wood floor radiant heating.  The turndown ratio of nearly 4.5 to 1 minimizes boiler cycling, especially in the warmer months.

Try Triangle Tube's Challenger 150s boiler for maximum output with minimal space, cost, and energy bills.  Click here for literature on this boiler.  For more information contact Triangle Tube or your local Triangle Tube installer.


New Prestige TriMax Control Simplifies Boiler Set-Up

Prestige Condensing Boiler for Hydronic HeatingThe unique TriMax control on Triangle Tube's Prestige Condensing Boilers reduces boiler programing time to a matter of seconds.  By simplifying the process for the most common applications, a typical setup can take less than 60 seconds.

The Prestige TriMax control is customized for the Prestige Boiler and is designed to first sense the availability of sensors such as an outdoor reset sensor.  If the outdoor reset sensor is attached, then only the control options relating to outdoor sensors will be presented.  This minimizes the amount of menu options to scroll through, and reduces opportunities for errors. 
Prestige TriMax Control
The most common selections in each menu are presented at the top of the list, reducing scrolling.  A present menu of six outdoor reset curves handles most heating applications from residential radiant floor to fancoils.  The space heating setup can be reduced down to a few simple steps.  Domestic hot water production through indirect water heaters can also be set up in three simple steps.  Should you want to return to the factory settings, there is an icon for that as well. 

Settings can be customized in the installer menu if desired.  Even this has been simplified with easy to read and understand graphical menus.  By giving the installer the ability to modify the settings as much as needed, each setup can be completed in the minimal amount of time.  Click here to see a video showing a complete boiler setup.

The Prestige TriMax control uses advanced technology to make life simpler.  Now the leading High Efficiency Boiler also has the leading High Efficiency Setup.


New Prestige Boiler Wiring Simplifies Installation

Prestige Condensing BoilerTriangle Tube's Prestige Boiler revolutionized the residential high efficiency boiler industry in 2003.  While the Prestige line has expanded and improved over the years, the latest revisions represent the most significant improvements to the Prestige.  The Prestige has led the industry for nearly a decade and the newest generation further solidifies this position.

The TriMax control truly differentiates the Prestige from the competition with unmatched simplicity in use and power in control.  With features like a 60 second EZ setup the TriMax makes control both intuitive and efficient.  A complete feature on the TriMax control will be coming in the near future.
Prestige Solo Boiler Internal View
While the TriMax truly differentiates the Prestige from the competition, there are many other changes that improve the ease of installation, ease of use, and long term reliability of the Prestige.  The Prestige wiring panel has been greatly improved to make wiring the boiler easier than ever.  All external wires are routed into the bottom of the enclosure through one of the 9 knock-outs.  Each knockout is located near a terminal, allowing for neat wiring within the boiler.  All low voltage wiring is located on the left side of the enclosure while the high voltage is on the right.  This simplifies wiring and minimizes electrical interference.  Finally, each high voltage connection is individually fused, making troubleshooting fast and easy. 

The wiring connections are on a fixed panel, eliminating movement that could dislodge them during servicing.  A wiring harness joins them to the TriMax control panel that conveniently folds down for easy access during routine service.  When servicing is complete the panel folds up again and is held in place with two slide latches.  No tools required !

The Prestige Solo and Prestige Excellence boilers are designed for ease of use and long term reliability.  Using natural gas or propane, they deliver hydronic heat efficiently with an AFUE of 96%.  Their stainless steel, condensing heat exchanger is perfect for residential radiant heating applications and deliver maximum efficiency with radiant floor heating. 

The Prestige Solo can be combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater for domestic hot water needs.  The Prestige Excellence comes with an internal indirect water heater for up to 180 gallons per hour of domestic hot water.  Click here for an brief video describing the benefits of the Prestige boilers.

Radiant Floor Heating Maximizes Efficiency with Prestige Condensing Boiler

The popularity of radiant floor heating has skyrocketed in the last decade.  New materialsRadiant Flooring and installation methods have allowed radiant floor heating for wood, tile, and concrete floors.  Radiant floor heating can be used on carpeted floors in many cases as well.   There is no more efficient and more pleasing heating method.

Prestige Condensing BoilersModern condensing boilers have spurred the use of radiant floor heating.  The boiler water temperature in radiant floor heating applications is much lower than in traditional radiator or baseboard installations.  This lower water temperature improves the efficiency of the system by 5 to 10% by allowing the boiler to condense.  Traditional cast iron boilers cannot take advantage of this because they cannot operate at condensing temperatures as the condensate will cause the boiler to rust.

The Prestige Condensing Boiler and the Challenger Combination or Solo Condensing Boilers are perfect for these applications.  The low water temperature maximizes the system efficiency and the heat exchangers are built to handle the condensate.  The new Prestige TriMax control helps further maximize efficiency in homes with multiple temperature zones.  For instance, many homes have radiant floor heat on the first level and baseboard heat on the second level.  The Prestige TriMax is built to manage these different temperatures.  If the radiant flooring is calling for heat, the Prestige will operate at the lower temperature, maximizing the efficiency. 

It is easy to enjoy the warmth of radiant floor heating when you know it is minimizing your fuel bills.  Specify Triangle Tube's Prestige with TriMax control for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Challenger Solo Boiler now has 145 MBH model !

The Challenger Solo Condensing Boiler now can meet higher needs with the new CC150s model.  The Challenger Solo Boilers are available in 4 sizes from 85 to 145 MBH.  The Challenger Solo BoilerCC150s features a compact design that allows it to be installed in the smallest spaces.

The light weight copper tube heat exchanger with an aluminum heat exchanger block provides both durability and ease of use.  The water side of the heat exchanger is contained in the copper tubes allowing the use of glycol and ensuring long life.  The combustion air side of the heat exchanger is aluminum for maximum heat transfer for an AFUE of 93%.

The Challenger Solo 150 is the perfect fit for most residences for natural gas or propane radiant heating in new construction and replacement applications.  Efficiency can be maximized with radiant floor heating with either wood or concrete slabs.  The Challenger Solo 150 provides a rapid domestic hot water response when paired with an indirect water heater such as Triangle Tube's Smart series

Challenger Condensing Solo Boiler Provides High Efficiency Heating

The new Challenger Solo Condensing Boiler joins the Challenger Combi BoChallenger Solo Condensing Boileriler in providing high efficiency hydronic heating in a compact package.  The Challenger Combi boiler provides both heat and domestic hot water, eliminating the need for a separate water heater.  The Challenger Solo boiler provides heat and can provide domestic hot water when paired with an indirect water heater.

The Challenger Solo boiler features a copper tube heat exchanger with an aluminum combustion block.  This unique design is durable and suitable for glycol applications because the system water or glycol flows only in the copper piping.  The aluminum block efficiently transfers the heat from the combustion air and it's light weight makes installation easy.

The Challenger Solo is available in 85, 105, and 125 MBH sizes.  These models are sized to meet the needs of today's homes.  By modulating its output to match the radiant heating needs, the Challenger Solos will operate longer at lower temperatures, which improves efficiency.  These sizes of the Challenger Solo have an AFUE of 95% and operate on either natural gas or propane. 

Smart Indirect Water HeaterThe Challenger Solos can provide domestic hot water when paired with a Smart Indirect Water Heater.  The Smart can be sized to fit the needs of the residence, providing the instant hot water response that is expected from traditional tank water heaters, with the efficiency of an instantaneous water heater.

Click here for information about the Challenger Solo Condensing Boiler or other Triangle Tube products.


Condensing Boilers eliminate Snow Shovels !

High Snow With the improvements in PEX tubing and boiler efficiencies, many homeowners and businesses are investing in hydronic snow-melt systems.  These systems are used to heat driveways, walkways, and stairs during snowstorms to keep the paths clear.  Homeowners install these systems to minimize the backbreaking work of shoveling.  Businesses often install these systems to ensure positive footing and minimize injuries from falls.  Steps are especially dangerous areas when coated with ice and snow.  By installing a snow melt system on these steps business owners can be assured of a snow and ice free surface.
Snow Melt
Condensing boilers are the natural choice for snow-melt systems.  Condensing boilers achieve efficiencies of 97% and higher when used in these applications due to the low return temperatures.  With these low temperatures condensing boilers can extract the maximum amount of heat from the flue gas before sending it up the chimney.  Using modulation the boilers can adjust its firing rate to meet the coldest winter day. 

Challenger Condensing BoilerThe Triangle Tube Prestige and Challenger boilers are perfect choices for snow-melt applications.  These boilers' efficiency will exceed their already high AFUE ratings of 96% and 95%.  They are compatible with glycol for direct use or they can be combined with Triangle Tube brazed plates to seperate the snow-melt from the other radiant hydronic loops.  Finally the Optima SSM Snow-Melt control can be used to operate the system.

Click here for an article about a snow-melt system in Wisconsin that is a terrific case study.

The four keys to Boiler Replacement

There are four keys to successfully replacing your boiler.  By following these keys, you will ensure a fast trouble-free installation and much lower utility bills.  Prestige Boiler

1)  Selecting the right product - Craftsmen will tell you that building a fine piece of furniture starts with selecting the right wood.  The same is true in boiler replacement.  By selecting a reliable, highly efficient boiler, you will ensure that the project will be a success if the three other keys are followed.  Choosing a poorly designed product will ensure long term dissatisfaction, even if the other keys are correct.  Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers are industry leaders in reliability and efficiency.  For more information on this, see the end of this post.

2)  Select the right contractor - Once again, a good contractor will make or break the project.  There is much more involved in replacing a boiler than simply removing the old boiler and inserting a new one.  The boiler must be sized and the piping layout reviewed to ensure that the heating system works in harmony.  A good contractor will have experience and proper training to know how to join all of the parts of the heating system into an efficient, effective, heating machine.  Click here to find certified Triangle Tube contractors in your area.

3)  Size the boiler properly - A lot has changed in your home since the last boiler was installed.  Perhaps you have new windows and/or doors.  Perhaps radiant floor heating was installed.  An addition may have been added, the attic has been insulated.  A proper heat loss analysis must be performed to select the proper boiler for the house.  An boiler that is too large will cause excessive cycling and drive up energy costs.  One that is too small will not keep the house warm on the coldest days.

4)  Use outdoor reset - One of the biggest efficiency gains in new boilers is the ability to use computer technology to adjust the hydronic system to the heating load.  As the weather gets warmer, less heat is required.  By lowering the system temperature, the house is able to be heated much more efficiently.  Please make sure this important feature is being used.  For more information on outdoor reset, click here.

Challenger Boiler
Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers are modern, highly efficient, natural gas or propane boilers that have excellent track records in reliability.  With AFUEs of 95% or higher, and low NOx emissions, these are responsible, green choices for both the environment and your budget.  When paired with a Smart Indirect Fired Water Heater, they form the right solution for your residential heat and hot water needs.  


Condensing boilers and URA Softball - What do they have in common?

URA SportsThe URA rookie softball teams were battling each other on a beautiful spring evening in Chester County, PA.  The Monarchs and the Mystics were on the field and the temperature at game time was 70 degrees.  As the sun went down the temps fell into the low 60's (despite the hot bats on both sides). 

As parents put on jackets I noticed several parents leaning up against the dug-out.  Just walking within a foot or so of the dug-out wall there was a noticable jump in temperature.  The dark green wall had spent the day absorbing the heat from the sun.  Now that the cooler air was settling in, the wall was radiating its heat to those nearby.

I was able to use this to explain the benefits of radiant heating to the team.  The warmth from the wall made the air nearby warmer, but also radiated its heat to the people leaning against it.  The heat felt better than just warm air.  It had a "substance" behind it.  I am sure you have had a similar experience - so you can imagine the feeling that attracted the crowd.  Now imagine if you could have that same feeling beneath your feet all winter long.
Radiant Tubing Installation in New Construction
You can have this feeling with a radiant floor heating system.  Radiant floor heating is truly invisible and can be installed under new or existing wood, tile, or carpeted floors.  It can even be installed in new concrete slabs.  There are other types of residential radiant heat as well.  Whether it comes from a traditional cast iron radiator or baseboard or the newest residential radiant floor systems, the heat it provides can't be beat.  It is more efficient, more comfortable, and virtually silent.  

Triangle Tube provides high efficiency boilers designed to maximize the efficiency of radiant heating systems.  The Prestige Condensing Boiler, the Prestige Excellence, and the Challenger Combination Boiler all use clean natural gas or propane with AFUE's of 95% or higher.  These green boilers have low NOx emissions and use the latest hydronic controls such as outdoor reset.     

Contact Triangle Tube for more information or use the Contractor Locator to find an installer in your area. 

Replacing your boiler or water heater? Summer is the best time to install a high efficiency boiler and water heater.

With the weather finally turning nicer and summer just around the corner it is tempting to put the memories of high heating bills and an old boiler away with the winter coats.  But now is the best time to work on replacing your old boiler and water heater.

1) Installing a new boiler in the summer allows the installer to do the work without turning off the heat in your house.  Both you and the installer will be happy about that !

2) Heating oil has reached record levels and shows no sign of a significant change.  Many people are "planning ahead" by locking in relatively low rates over the summer months.  If you can switch to natural gas you can lock in the low rates permanently. 

3)  Natural gas at $1.25 per therm is less than half the cost of heating oil at $3.70 per gallon.  If you can switch from oil to natural gas you will cut your heating bills in half - before you even consider the higher efficiency of today's boilers.

4) By acting now you will be able to have contractors focus on delivering the best hydronic heating system design for your needs.  Without the rush of emergency repairs, contractors have the time and desire to focus on your installation. 
Radiant Floor
5) By doing your research now you will be able to select the best products for your home.  You may consider installing radiant floor heating to replace a furnace or baseboard.  Radiant floor heating can be installed in many existing homes without replacing the existing wood, tile, or carpeted floors.  Working over the summer time gives you the time to make an educated decision and gives the contractor the time to get the job done before the first Prestige Condensing Boilerfrost.

As you are doing your research, be sure to consider selecting products that best fit your needs.  Triangle Tube offers two lines of natural gas or propane high efficiency condensing boilers. 

Triangle Tube's Prestige Condensing Boiler is a feature-rich boiler with a stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger.  This heat exchanger has a high water content which maximizes efficiency by minimizing short cycling and pump electrical demand.  This boiler has become the high efficiency boiler leader due to its reliable performance and high efficiency with an AFUE of 96%.

The Prestige Excellence contains an integrated indirect water heater that allows it to not only meet your space heating demands, but also produce 180 gallons per hour of domestic hot water.  If you prefer a separate domestic hot water heater, the Smart Indirect Water Challenger Combination BoilerHeater, with a unique tank-in-tank design provides hot water with minimal standby losses and comes with a lifetime residential warranty.

Triangle Tube's Challenger Combination Boiler features a unique copper heat exchanger that provides both space heating and domestic hot water.  The Challenger is highly efficient in domestic hot water mode and has a 95% AFUE in space heating mode.

Contact Triangle Tube or use the Contractor Locator to learn more.


Outdoor Reset Maximizes Spring Energy Savings

2010 was another record year for high efficiency boiler sales.  If you have made this investment, now is the time to make sure that it is operating at peak efficiency.  One of the key features of hgh efficiency boilers is the Outdoor Reset feature. 

Outdoor reset simply matches the boiler system temperature with the outdoor temperature.  In a boiler system, the hotter the water supplied by the boiler, the more heat that the radiant heaters can supply to the home.  However, boiler system efficiency decreases as the water supply temperature increases.  Therefore, to maximize the system efficiency, you want the boiler to supply water at the lowest possible temperature.

Outdoor reset allows the boiler to maintain a lower supply temperature as the outdoor Boiler Efficiency Graphtemperature increases.  This increases the boiler's efficiency while still maintaining the warmth in the home.

Modern high efficiency boilers, such as Triangle Tube's Prestige or Challenger boilers use outdoor reset to maximize their efficiency.  These boilers are supplied with an outdoor temperature sensor that can be easily installed on an exterior wall.  This sensor is then connected to the boiler controller.  The boiler is then programmed to vary the boiler supply temperature with the outside temperature. 

Challenger Combination BoilerSpring is the season where outdoor reset really pays off.  As the temperature outside rises, you can rest assured that your Prestige or Challenger boiler is running more efficiently than ever.

Challenger Boiler achieves High Efficiency with Low Emissions

The new Challenger Combination Boiler and Hot Water Heater contains a unique heat exchanger that offers many advantages.  The Challenger has been designed for complete efficiency.  This includes space, installation, servicing, and energy use.

Challenger Condensing Boiler and Hot Water HeaterThe Challenger has achieved a boiler efficiency rating of 96% AFUE and can be fueled by natural gas or propane  This condensing efficiency ensures low fuel consumption and low energy bills.  The unique heat exchanger in the Challenger produces hot water directly in the primary heat exchanger.  This enables it to achieve condensing efficiency in hot water production and achieve an energy factor of 0.87.

The high efficiency also allows it to produce low NOx emissions.  These low emissions allow the Challenger to be approved for use in Smart Indirect Water HeaterCalifornia's South Coast Air Quality Management District.   With its low environmental impact, the Challenger is a green choice for residential radiant heat and hot water.

The Challenger joins Triangle Tube's line of Prestige Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler and Smart Indirect Fired Water Heaters as highly efficient and environmentally friendly heat and hot water products. 


Is your modulating boiler properly sized?

Modern boilers gain 5 to 10% increases in efficiency versus their traditional “on-off” counterparts by being able to adjust their output to meet the demand.  “On-off” boilers are either on at full-fire or they are off.  Modulating boilers can operate at anywhere from 20% of 100% of their full fire capacity.  (For more on boiler modulation please read my previous posts by clicking here.)

By operating at lower fire, the boilers gain efficiency and cycle less.  To maximize this performance, and minimize boiler cycling, which is a drag on efficiency, the boiler must be properly sized.  In the past, it was common for boilers to be sized up to 50% greater than their “coldest day” demand.  This further increased boiler cycling. 

Prestige Condensing BoilerWhen replacing an old boiler or installing a new one, it is worth the time to perform a proper heating load analysis.  This will help avoid paying for a boiler that is bigger than needed, or installing a boiler that cannot meet your heating needs.  If a larger boiler is installed than needed you will overspend not only on the initial cost of the boiler, but also by extra fuel cost due to the less efficient operation due to boiler cycling.  While a modulating boiler will operate longer and cycle less than an “on-off” boiler, it still will cycle when the load is lower than the minimum output of the boiler.  Therefore, an oversized boiler should be avoided.

While it may seem logical to simply size your replacement boiler based on the one that is being replaced, a heating load analysis can better determine the size required.  Even if the original boiler had been properly sized when it was installed, there probably have been significant improvements to the house since then.  It is very common for extra insulation and more energy efficient doors and windows to have been installed.  All of these will impact the heating load.

Triangle Tube’s Prestige and Challenger boilers are able to modulate down to between 25% and 30% of the boiler’s maximum output.   This helps improve efficiency especially during the warmer days in the heating season.  This modulation is also helpful when using an indirect water heater like Triangle Tube’s Smart series.  Make your radiant heating system as green as possible by properly sizing your boiler.  Contact Triangle Tube today for more information of click here to locate a certified installer near you.


Radiant Floor Heating - Warm from the Ground Up

It is safe to say that most people do not give much consideration to the type of heating system when they are considering a house purchase.  But people who have experienced the benefits of radiant floor heating are certain to have this on their list.  

Radiant floor heating's growth is one of the most positive trends in the HVAC industry in recent years.  These systems have the unique feature of being energy efficient, comfortable, invisible, and silent.  In nearly every aspect they are a clear winner. 

Radiant Floor InstallationRadiant floor heating systems are a modern alternative to the traditional cast iron radiators or the more recent hot water baseboard systems.  In a radiant floor system water (or glycol in some cases) is heated by a boiler and circulated through tubing that is installed under the floor.  This water warms the flooring and the heat then radiates throughout the home. 

There are many benefits to this process.  First, it is extremely energy efficient as the warmest part of the room is the floor, which is the part of the room people use.  A hot air furnace heats the air which enters the room through registers on the floor, but then quickly rises to the ceiling, making it the warmest part of the room.  In comparison, a room heated by radiant flooring can be kept at a lower overall temperature yet feel warmer than a room heated by hot air.

Second, the system is invisible and silent.  The tubing is under the floor and out of the way.  There is no sound of air moving through ducts.  Third the system contributes to a healthy home by minimizing dust and keeping the room at a more comfortable humidity level.  Fourth, the system is multi-functional.  A well designed hydronic heating system can heat your home, hot water, swimming pool, and even melt the snow on your driveway or walkway.

Triangle Tube is an industry leading provider of hydronic heating equipment.  The Prestige boilers lead the market with a high efficiency, reliable heat exchanger and use either natural gas or propane.  The Smart indirect water heaters heat water twice as fast as a traditional gas fired water heater and feature a unique stainless steel tank-in-tank design backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  Maxi Flo pool and spa heat exchangers enable you to use your high efficiency boiler to extend your swimming season.

Consider upgrading your home with Radiant Floor Heating.  There's no need to move to install radiant floor heating.  A certified contractor can replace your hot air system with a radiant system in many cases without disturbing the existing flooring.  Contact Triangle Tube to find a certified contractor in your area today.