Prestige 60 Second EZ Setup Video Demonstrates Unequalled Ease of Use

The new Prestige TriMax Control revolutionizes the setup and control of the Prestige Condensing Boiler.  Truly unique, the TriMax makes every aspect of control of the Prestige boiler simple and intuitive.  This is most evident during boiler setup. 

The EZ Setup function allows the boiler to be setup in less than 60 seconds in most cases.  The most common setup options are quickly available with 6 pre-programmed outdoor reset curves.  Domestic hot water settings for use with indirect water heaters such as Triangle Tube's are completed quickly.  The new TriMax control is standard on both the Prestige Solo and Prestige Excellence models. 

The video below demonstrates boiler setup with the TriMax 60 second EZ setup.



New Prestige Condensing Boiler Video Highlights Advanced Features

The New Prestige Condensing Boiler has advanced features that further advance its position as the most reliable, user-friendly, and easy to install natural gas or propane boiler available.  The Prestige's high efficiency design provides an AFUE of 96% making it the green choice for residential and light commercial hydronic heating systems.  The Prestige Solo can be combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater for domestic water needs while the Prestige Excellence can provide both space heating and domestic hot water from a single unit.

This video provides an overview of the advanced features of the new Prestige.  For more infomation visit Triangle Tube's website today.