Save space, energy, and money with a Combination Boiler!

Imagine one appliance that can produce both hydronic heat and hot water.  This combination provides many benefits.  By combining the functions the heating and hot water systems are more compact, more efficient, and easier to install.  Combination boilers do all this and more.

The Challenger Combination Boilers are the  most compact and lightweight combination boilers in North America.  The unique Dual-Purpose heat exchanger features two copper waterways, one for hydronic heating, and one for domestic hot water.  Heating both systems in a single heat exchanger simplifies the design and saves space.  The heat exchanger is a condensing design, resulting in high efficiency with an AFUE of up to 93%.

The unique Challenger heat exchanger contains fewer parts, reducing maintenance costs and keeping the function as simple as possible.  This simplicity helps ensure the longevity of the Challenger, ensuring the energy savings you see today last well into the future.

Challenger Combination Boilers are easy to install, reducing labor costs.  The lightweight design is able to be installed by a single person on most framed, cinder block, or concrete walls.  Contact a Triangle Tube Contractor for more information.  Triangle Tube is the leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of high efficiency residential boilers in North America.


Indirect Water Heaters can replace traditional water heaters

Many homes have separate radiant (hydronic) heating systems and domestic hot water heaters.  There may have been a good reason for this in the past.  Prior to the wide availability of indirect water heaters, homeowners with radiant heat could either use a tankless coil system or they could use a traditional water heater.  Tankless coils heat domestic hot water by passing the water through a coil inside the boiler.  This has been a fairly standard water heating solution which eliminates the need to have a separate water heater.  

Indirect Water HeaterIndirect water heaters were introduced nearly 25 years ago in North America.  They heat domestic hot water with the boiler system water, eliminating the need for a separate heat source.  As boilers have become smaller, tankless coils were not practical for modern boilers and indirect water heaters became more popular.

If your home has radiant heat, and you are looking for a replacement traditional gas, oil, or electric water heater, it may make sense to replace it with an indirect water heater like the Smart Series models from Triangle Tube.  The Smart Indirect Water Heaters use a unique tank-in-tank design that reduces standby heat loss to less than 1 degree F per hour.  The Smart Series stainless steel design is robust enough to last a lifetime.  In fact it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  

Smart Indirect Water Heaters are a green alternative to traditional or tankless water heaters.  They can be used with traditional or high efficiency boilers which operate on oil, natural gas, or propane.  In addition there are multi-energy models to work with solar water heater systems.

To see more information about Smart Indirect Water Heaters, check out these posts.  Contact your local factory trained contractor for an in-home analysis.


Condensing Boilers: Why are they more energy efficient? (part 1)

Boilers have been used to heat homes for many decades in what are known as hydronic heating systems.  In the early days, steam was used to transfer heat from the boiler to the home.  As designs improved water boilers became the norm, providing a more reliable medium to bring the heat to the home.  In the last two decades, condensing boilers have emerged as a more efficient way to transfer heat to the water in the system.

Traditional boilers have heat exchangers made from cast iron.  Cast iron is an inexpensive material and can last many Presitge Condensing Boilerdecades in the right conditions.  One of the keys to ensuring the long life of a cast iron boiler is to avoid condensation in the heat exchanger.  Condensation will cause cast iron heat exchangers to rust and deteriorate rather quickly.   This rust will cause the heat exchanger to leak, requiring a boiler replacement.

It is relatively easy to avoid condensation in the heat exchanger.  Heating experts simply design the system to return water to the boiler at a temperature greater than 140F.  At this temperature, the heat exchanger will not get cold enough to form condensation.  

Triangle Tube is committed to energy efficiency and only produces high efficiency, condensing boilers.  All Triangle Tube condensing and combination boilers feature corrosion resistant stainless steel or aluminum heat exchangers and have AFUE's over 90%.  In fact most Prestige models are rated at 95% AFUE.

For more information on Triangle Tube's boilers contact a factory trained contractor today.


High Efficiency Boilers - How Modulation works.

There have been significant gains in the energy efficiency of hydronic heating systems in the last decade.  Many of these gains have been made possible by the use of microprocessors to better control the boiler's function.  Modulation is one of the functions that modern boiler controls have made possible that is driving energy efficiency gains.

Modulation is the term used to describe the ability of a boiler to fire at varying rates.  If you think of a gas stove, modulation is your ability to control the burner's heat output - anywhere from "warm" to "full boil". 

Traditional boilers do not have the ability to modulate.  They are either at "full boil" or they are off.  Now, think how efficient it would be to cook your dinner with this type of control.  You would be constantly turning the stove on and off, trying to maintain the right temperature.  If you consider that boilers are inefficient during the start-up periods and are actually least efficient at "full boil" otherwise known as "high-fire", you will quickly realize that this is not the best way to run a boiler.

Modern controls such as those in Prestige boilers, use a variety of sensors to monitor the boiler system and adjust (modulate) the output of the boiler to meet the heating needs of the home.  This modulation allows the boiler to run longer (fewer on and off cycles) at lower fire rates (for improved efficiency) while still maintaining the desired temperature in the Prestige Excellencehome.  Modulation is effective in residential radiant heating applications.   This is especially true in modern radiant floor heating, where the system temperatures are lower. 

Triangle Tube's Prestige Solo boilers utilize modern features such as modulation, outdoor reset, low NOx burners, and a unique stainless steel heat exchanger to deliver outstanding efficiency with an AFUE rating of 95%.  The Prestige Excellence combination boiler provides both heat and up to 180 gallons per hour of hot water from within the boiler, eliminating the need for a seperate domestic hot water tank.  All Prestige Models are available for natural gas and propane.

Smart Water HeaterIf a seperate hot water heater is desired, Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Water Heaters are the perfect companion to the Prestige Solo.  With a unique stainless steel tank-in-tank design, the Smart indirect water heaters heat water quickly, with standby heat loss costs as little as $0.05 per day.  With a limited LIFETIME residential warranty, the Smart indirect water heaters are a sound investment.


Indirect Water Heaters Minimize Standby Heat Losses

Energy conscious homeowners know that 15 to 20% of their energy bills go to heating hot water.  Much of this energy is consumed to simply maintain the water in the water heater at the desired temperature.  Traditional gas water heaters have a flue in the center of the tank that is uninsulated, and allows the heat from the water in the tank to easily transfer to the air in the flue, which then goes outside.

Many homeowners have installed instantaneous water heaters to eliminate this heat loss.  Instantaneous Smart Indirect Water Heaterwater heaters do not have a storage tank, so they have virtually no standby heat loss.  Of course, by eliminating the storage tank, the water heater does not have the same response as a traditional water heater.  There is a longer wait time for the hot water to arrive at the faucet, along with other issues at low flow rates and the so called "hot water sandwich" effect.  

A simpler solution is available to homeowners with hydronic radiant heating.  Indirect water heaters can nearly eliminate standby heat loss.  Indirect water heaters use the heat from the boiler system water to heat the domestic hot water.  This eliminates the need for a burner system for the water heater, simplifying the unit and allowing it to be well insulated.

The Smart Indirect Water Heater from Triangle Tube is completely encased in 2 inches of foam insulation. This minimizes the heat loss to 1/2 degree F per hour.  This heat loss is so low, that it costs only $0.05 per day to keep 40 gallons of hot water ready to use (with natural gas).  The Smart 40 model is the most popular model, and its unique design gives it the ability to heat water twice as fast as a traditional gas water heater.  With this performance, many homeowners find that a Smart 40 delivers hot water better the traditional 75 gallon water heater it replaced.      

To find out more about how the Smart Indirect Water Heater can minimize your utility bills, contact Triangle Tube or your local factory-trained contractor today.


Energy Saving Water Heaters utilizes Home Boiler as the heat source

Heating the water for your shower and sink accounts for 15 to 20% of the average home's utility bills.  An energy efficient water heater is the right choice to help save money and Smart Indirect Water Heatershelp the environment.  For homes with hydronic heating systems, replacing a traditional water heater with an indirect water heater will deliver significant savings.  Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Water Heaters lead the industry in efficiency, performance, and durability.

An indirect water heater uses the home's boiler as the heat source.  This allows the water heater to be completely sealed.  While a traditional non-electric water heater has a flue in the center, which is a source of constant heat loss, an indirect water eliminates this flue, eliminating the heat loss.  The Smart Indirect Water Heater is wrapped in 2 inches of foam, which reduces the heat loss to 1/2 degree F per hour.  The Smart 40 keeps 40 gallons of hot water ready for use for less than $0.05 per day when heating with natural gas

The unique tank-in-tank design of the Smart Indirect Water Heaters also provides rapid heat transfer, heating water twice as fast as a traditional natural gas, propane, or oil model and 4 times as fast as electric models.  This effectiveness allows a Smart 40 to be used as replacements for traditional 50 gallon models with no loss in performance in most cases.

Contact your Triangle Tube Contractor for more information.


Combination Boilers expand your Options

When considering a boiler replacement, homeowners have more options than ever.  Condensing boilers offer efficiency improvements over traditional boilers, with many condensing boilers offering AFUE efficiency scores of 95% or more.  These boilers provide significant fuel savings and operate on natural gas or propane.

One of the benefits of hydronic heating systems (heating systems with boilers), is the ability for the boiler to provide domestic water heating as well.  Triangle Tube helped establish this capability in North America with the introduction of the Smart Indirect Water Heater in the 1980's.  The Smart product line's unique tank-in-taPrestige Excellencenk design continues to provide the longest lasting, most efficient domestic water heating today.

Combination boilers provide both space heating and domestic water heating in one unit.  Triangle Tube's two combination boiler lines, the Prestige Excellence and the Challenger Combination boilers offer unique advantages for homeowners. 

The Prestige Excellence Boiler combines a tank-in-tank indirect water heater with the 110 MBH Prestige Condensing Boiler and works at 96% AFUE.  The tank-in-tank water heater is unique because it maintains 14 gallons of hot water to provide immediate hot water response. 

The Challenger Combination Boiler features a unique dual purpose heat exchanger that heats both the heating system water and domestic hot water through separate channels.  This simplified design improves efficiency and reliability by eliminating the separate heat exchanger and three-way valve that most combination boilers use.

Contact a Triangle Tube Installer for more information.


Titanium Pool Heaters Extend the Swimming Season for Salt Water Pools

Salt water pools have increased dramatically in the last decade.  From 16% of installations in 2002, they now represent nearly 50% of all new pool installations.  Homeowners appreciate the water quality and low operating costs of these salt water systems.

Triangle Tube's Maxi-flo Pool & Spa Heat Exchangers can be used to extend the length of the swimming season.  Maxi-flo heat exchangers are used in combination with a boiler, and are most efficient when used with a combination boiler.  In most cases, homeowners use an existing boiler that they are using for hydronic heating.  But a growing number of homeowners are installing a complete pool heating system with a dedicated condensing boiler which are capable of efficiencies of up to 98% during pool heating.  Triangle Tube's Challenger, Prestige, and Keystone Condensing Boilers  are excellent models for pool heating.

The Maxi-flo Titanium heat exchangers are designed to meet the needs of the salt water pools.  Salt water will corrode stainless steel,   The Titanium models have been proven to provide years of reliable service.   Contact a Triangle Tube Contractor for more information. 


Combination Boilers Feature Ease of Installation

Combination Boilers provide both hydronic heat and hot water from the same appliance.  This combination provides many benefits.  By combining the functions the heating and hot water systems are more compact, more efficient, and easier to install.

The Challenger Combination Boilers are the  most compact and lightweight combination boilers in North America.  The unique Dual-Purpose heat exchanger features two copper waterways, one for hydronic heating, and one for domestic hot water.  Heating both systems in a single heat exchanger simplifies the design and saves space.  The heat exchanger is a condensing design, resulting in high efficiency with an AFUE of 95%.

Challenger Combination Boilers are easy to install, reducing labor costs.  The lightweight design is able to be installed by a single person on most framed, cinder block, or concrete walls.  Contact a Triangle Tube Contractor for more information.  Triangle Tube is the leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of high efficiency residential boilers in North America.


Condensing Boiler Makes Installation Easy


Most boilers are located in basement or utility areas.  This can create a problem for houses and apartments without these areas.  The Challenger Condensing Boiler is designed to fit in compact spaces, while it is quiet enough to run unnoticed.

The Challenger Boilers from Triangle Tube feature high efficiency in a simple, lightweight, and compact design.   The Challenger is available in Solo Condensing Boiler models and Combi Combination Boiler models.  The Solo boilers are heating only designs and can be used with indirect water heaters such as Triangle Tube’s Smart series.

 The Combi boilers are the ultimate in space efficiency by eliminating the need for a separate water heater.  The Combi models feature a unique dual purpose heat exchanger that provides both space heat and domestic hot water from a single heat exchanger.  This provides the most compact, lightweight, efficient, and reliable combination boiler available.

All Challenger boilers are fuel efficient with an AFUE of 95% (or 93% for the 150 MBH model).  Challenger boilers can be vented with concentric venting providing a neat appearance and a single wall penetration to the outside.  The Challenger’s optional Timesaver piping bracket makes connecting the boiler to hydronic system piping simple.  For more information please contact a Triangle Tube contractor.


Heat your Hot Water with the Summer (and Winter) Sun

A July day outside can make you appreciate the power of the sun.  Solar panels are appearing in more places and when most people think of solar energy they think of the solar pv panels that generate electricity.  But the solar systems with the quickest payback are solar thermal systems.  These systems can provide heat and hot water at near zero cost.  And considering that hot water represents 15% of a typical home's heating bill, this is can add up to a significant amount.

Solar thermal systems heat water or a water-glycol mixture that is then used to heat domestic water or a home using hydronic heating.  Triangle Tube's Smart SME Indirect Water Heaters are designed to be the heart of a solar thermal system.  The Smart SME Indirect Water Heater contains an stainless steel heat exchanger coil for the solar system fluid.  This coil is surrounded by the hydronic heating system water, which allows the solar system to transfer heat to the home when desired. 

The Smart SME also contains a stainless steel tank that contains domestic water.  This tank accepts heat from the hydronic system water that has been heated by the solar thermal system.  The Smart SME features the unique tank-in-tank design that virtually eliminates scale build-up that will ensure efficient heating throughout the life of the system.

Smart SME Indirect Water Heaters are available in three sizes with 60, 80 and 120 gallons of storage capacity.  Contact Triangle Tube to learn more about these green water heating products !



Condensing Boiler and Indirect Water Heater featured in LEED Green Home

Triangle Tube's Prestige Condensing Boiler and Smart Indirect Water Heater are key hydronic heating system components in a new Green home in New York state.   Malcolm Rowe has constructed a new Energy Star rated home that features the latest technology for environmentally friendly comfort.

Rowe selected the Prestige Condensing Boiler and Smart Indirect Water Heater not only for their energy efficiency, but for their reliability.  The unique design of these two components ensures high efficiency throughout the life of the product while minimizing their maintenance costs.

Click here to read more about the total system approach featured in this home.  By combining the system design practices with the latest technology, the home minimizes its environmental impact.    The low NOx Prestige Boiler works in conjunction with a geothermal system to heat radiant floors.



New Prestige Condensing Boiler Video Highlights Advanced Features

The New Prestige Condensing Boiler has advanced features that further advance its position as the most reliable, user-friendly, and easy to install natural gas or propane boiler available.  The Prestige's high efficiency design provides an AFUE of 96% making it the green choice for residential and light commercial hydronic heating systems.  The Prestige Solo can be combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater for domestic water needs while the Prestige Excellence can provide both space heating and domestic hot water from a single unit.

This video provides an overview of the advanced features of the new Prestige.  For more infomation visit Triangle Tube's website today. 


Challenger Condensing Solo Boiler Provides High Efficiency Heating

The new Challenger Solo Condensing Boiler joins the Challenger Combi BoChallenger Solo Condensing Boileriler in providing high efficiency hydronic heating in a compact package.  The Challenger Combi boiler provides both heat and domestic hot water, eliminating the need for a separate water heater.  The Challenger Solo boiler provides heat and can provide domestic hot water when paired with an indirect water heater.

The Challenger Solo boiler features a copper tube heat exchanger with an aluminum combustion block.  This unique design is durable and suitable for glycol applications because the system water or glycol flows only in the copper piping.  The aluminum block efficiently transfers the heat from the combustion air and it's light weight makes installation easy.

The Challenger Solo is available in 85, 105, and 125 MBH sizes.  These models are sized to meet the needs of today's homes.  By modulating its output to match the radiant heating needs, the Challenger Solos will operate longer at lower temperatures, which improves efficiency.  These sizes of the Challenger Solo have an AFUE of 95% and operate on either natural gas or propane. 

Smart Indirect Water HeaterThe Challenger Solos can provide domestic hot water when paired with a Smart Indirect Water Heater.  The Smart can be sized to fit the needs of the residence, providing the instant hot water response that is expected from traditional tank water heaters, with the efficiency of an instantaneous water heater.

Click here for information about the Challenger Solo Condensing Boiler or other Triangle Tube products.


Condensing Boilers make Hot Water Too

I had the opportunity to speak with a homeowner recently who was looking for a contractor to service her boiler.  Unfortunately the firm that she had used to install her boiler not only did a poor job in the installation, but also installed more equipment than she needs.  This brings to mind two important points.

First, the vast majority of problems that homeowners encounter with their hydronic heating systems could have been avoided with proper system design.  This is why hiring a highly qualified contractor is so important.  A good contractor will foresee any system design issues and save you money in the long run.  Triangle Tube's Certified Contractor Locator (click here) will email you a list of up to 5 contractors in your area that can meet your needs.

Smart Indirect Water HeaterSecond, one of the big advantages of hydronic heating systems is the ability for your boiler to heat your domestic hot water as well.  Take advantage of this by installing a Smart Indirect Water Heater to go with your boiler.  Many homeowners are interested in energy efficiency and are interested in an instantaneous water heater.  However the Smart Indirect Water Heater is extremely energy efficient and costs only $0.05 per day to keep 40 gallons of hot water ready for use.  Unfortunately this homeowner, interested in doing what she thought (and was told) was best purchased an instantaneous water heater in addition to her boiler.  She could not get the performance she wanted from the instantaneous water heater and was considering a hybrid water heater.  As I explained the value of the Smart Indirect Heater, that would be more energy efficient and cost half as much to install as the hybrid water heater, I realized how important it is to get good advice.

Contract Triangle Tube for more information on condensing boilers and indirect water heaters. 

Condensing Boiler Combustion Basics

Today's condensing boilers are much different than their predecessors.  Condensing boilers feature efficiencies over 90% with Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers reaching  AFUEs of 96% and 95% respectively.   Much of these efficiency gains come from much Prestige Boilerbetter control of the combustion process.

High efficiency boilers use a sealed combustion process where a fan brings air and fuel (natural gas or propane) into the burner.  In most cases this air is brought into the boiler from the outside.  This avoids the creation of a negative pressure zone in the house and also avoids sending heated air out the flue pipe.  A gas valve senses the air pressure from the fan and allows a precisely metered amount of gas into the burner.  

The fan speed will determine how much gas is consumed and how much heat is produced.  The boiler's control will determine how fast the fan should go based on the heating load.  When the heating load is low, the fan will slow down, drawing less gas, and producing less heat.  This provides two benefits.  First, the combustion process is more efficient when it is burning at "low fire" than it is at "high fire".  So the more time the boiler operates at lower firing rates the more fuel efficient it is.  Second, this minimizes the cycling of the boiler from "on" to "off".  Cycling both reduces the fuel efficiency and increases the wear on the hydronic heating system.
Prestige Burner Head
The gas-air mixture is burned on a burner head.  The Prestige burner head is shown here.  The flame is controlled on the burner head to maximize the efficiency, which minimizes emissions.  These burner heads are highly engineered to hold the flame properly throughout the range of firing rates.  The flame is lit by the ignitor, which is the orange rod shown in the picture.  Unlike the standing pilots used in boilers in the past, today's high efficiency boilers use electronic ignition, eliminating the waste from burning the standing pilot.

This process is much more precise than the traditional atmospheric burners in older boilers.  Triangle Tube has designed boiler combustion processes to maximize the efficiency of their boilers.  As technology evolves, tomorrow's boilers will continue improve their efficiency. 

Solar Indirect Water Heater is a Green Choice

There are rapid advances in the use of the sun's energy that are makiSunng it attractive to a growing number of homeowners.  While solar power has been available for decades (even the White House had panels in the 1970's), the activity in this market is reaching a fever pitch.  These advances are reducing the costs of installation, which is driving new business, driving new investment, further reducing the costs.  That is the power of progress.

One of the best paybacks today in the solar market is solar thermal - using the sun to heat a home's hot water - and even help with some space heating.  The concept is actually very simple.  Circulate water or glycol through rooftop tubes that heat the water and then transfer that heat to domestic water.  Of course it is more complicated than it sounds and there are a lot of ways to get this done.  But the bottom line is that these relatively simple and compact systems can offset much of the energy used to heat the hot water in a home.  And this is significant because hot water Smart Multi-Energy Tankheating makes up 25% of household energy costs.

Triangle Tube offers a solar hot water solution for homes with hydronic heating.  The Smart Multi-Energy (SME) Indirect Water Heater is designed to integrate solar energy into the complete hydronic system.  The  SME contains a heat transfer coil that transfers the heat from the solar panels to the hydronic system water that surrounds a domestic water tank.  This large volume of water (both hydronic system and domestic) is able to maximize the  heat energy from the solar panels.

When the solar panels are not able to meet the demand, the hydronic system provides heat from a boiler.  Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger natural gas or propane boilers are green choices as their AFUE's are 96% and 95% respectively.  They feature low NOx emissions and modulating controls using outdoor reset to minimize their carbon footprint.


The four keys to Boiler Replacement

There are four keys to successfully replacing your boiler.  By following these keys, you will ensure a fast trouble-free installation and much lower utility bills.  Prestige Boiler

1)  Selecting the right product - Craftsmen will tell you that building a fine piece of furniture starts with selecting the right wood.  The same is true in boiler replacement.  By selecting a reliable, highly efficient boiler, you will ensure that the project will be a success if the three other keys are followed.  Choosing a poorly designed product will ensure long term dissatisfaction, even if the other keys are correct.  Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers are industry leaders in reliability and efficiency.  For more information on this, see the end of this post.

2)  Select the right contractor - Once again, a good contractor will make or break the project.  There is much more involved in replacing a boiler than simply removing the old boiler and inserting a new one.  The boiler must be sized and the piping layout reviewed to ensure that the heating system works in harmony.  A good contractor will have experience and proper training to know how to join all of the parts of the heating system into an efficient, effective, heating machine.  Click here to find certified Triangle Tube contractors in your area.

3)  Size the boiler properly - A lot has changed in your home since the last boiler was installed.  Perhaps you have new windows and/or doors.  Perhaps radiant floor heating was installed.  An addition may have been added, the attic has been insulated.  A proper heat loss analysis must be performed to select the proper boiler for the house.  An boiler that is too large will cause excessive cycling and drive up energy costs.  One that is too small will not keep the house warm on the coldest days.

4)  Use outdoor reset - One of the biggest efficiency gains in new boilers is the ability to use computer technology to adjust the hydronic system to the heating load.  As the weather gets warmer, less heat is required.  By lowering the system temperature, the house is able to be heated much more efficiently.  Please make sure this important feature is being used.  For more information on outdoor reset, click here.

Challenger Boiler
Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers are modern, highly efficient, natural gas or propane boilers that have excellent track records in reliability.  With AFUEs of 95% or higher, and low NOx emissions, these are responsible, green choices for both the environment and your budget.  When paired with a Smart Indirect Fired Water Heater, they form the right solution for your residential heat and hot water needs.  


Natural Gas Condensing Boilers - The Green Solution

One of the positive changes in recent times has been the increased awareness of our impact on the environment.  It was not long ago that "Green" was not a part of our everyday terminology - and who ever heard of a carbon footprint.  Today a significant and ever-growing portion of society considers the environmental impact of their decisions on a regular basis.

Another recent positive change has been the increased use of natural gas.  Not only is it readily available in North America, but it is also a very clean burning fuel.  These two features make it very attractive for many consumers.  Finally, the Prestige Condensing Boilertechnological advancement of hydronic (boiler) heating solutions has resulted in condensing boilers that can operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

Triangle Tube helped drive the residential condensing boiler revolution with the Prestige Condensing Boiler.  Its unique stainless steel fire tube design, high efficiency (96% AFUE), and reliability have made it a leader in its market.  When combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater, homeowners will have an extremely efficient heating and hot water system.
Challenger Combination Boiler
Triangle Tube recently added the Challenger Combination Boiler to its lineup.  This boiler combines a high efficiency (95% AFUE) boiler with an instantaneous water heater within the same unit.  The results is an appliance that provides heat and hot water from the smallest foot print imaginable.  The Challenger is perfect for closet installations or areas where space is at a premium.  

Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers work with both natural gas and propane.  Choose one of them for your "Green" efforts.



Condensing boilers and URA Softball - What do they have in common?

URA SportsThe URA rookie softball teams were battling each other on a beautiful spring evening in Chester County, PA.  The Monarchs and the Mystics were on the field and the temperature at game time was 70 degrees.  As the sun went down the temps fell into the low 60's (despite the hot bats on both sides). 

As parents put on jackets I noticed several parents leaning up against the dug-out.  Just walking within a foot or so of the dug-out wall there was a noticable jump in temperature.  The dark green wall had spent the day absorbing the heat from the sun.  Now that the cooler air was settling in, the wall was radiating its heat to those nearby.

I was able to use this to explain the benefits of radiant heating to the team.  The warmth from the wall made the air nearby warmer, but also radiated its heat to the people leaning against it.  The heat felt better than just warm air.  It had a "substance" behind it.  I am sure you have had a similar experience - so you can imagine the feeling that attracted the crowd.  Now imagine if you could have that same feeling beneath your feet all winter long.
Radiant Tubing Installation in New Construction
You can have this feeling with a radiant floor heating system.  Radiant floor heating is truly invisible and can be installed under new or existing wood, tile, or carpeted floors.  It can even be installed in new concrete slabs.  There are other types of residential radiant heat as well.  Whether it comes from a traditional cast iron radiator or baseboard or the newest residential radiant floor systems, the heat it provides can't be beat.  It is more efficient, more comfortable, and virtually silent.  

Triangle Tube provides high efficiency boilers designed to maximize the efficiency of radiant heating systems.  The Prestige Condensing Boiler, the Prestige Excellence, and the Challenger Combination Boiler all use clean natural gas or propane with AFUE's of 95% or higher.  These green boilers have low NOx emissions and use the latest hydronic controls such as outdoor reset.     

Contact Triangle Tube for more information or use the Contractor Locator to find an installer in your area.