Oil to Natural Gas Conversions pay immediate dividends !

This winter has been especially cold - giving nearly everyone higher heating bills than ever.  One group of people that could be seeing lower bills this year are natural gas converts.  Homeowners have been switching from heating oil to natural gas over the past decade and this winter is generating more conversions than ever.  Not too many years ago, heating oil was the predominant heat source in the Northeastern US.  Many homes had oil-fired boilers to fight off the winter cold.  That has changed in the last decade as homeowners switch to natural gas boilers.

The US has undergone a transformation in natural gas production, making it more plentiful, reliable, and cost effective than ever.  Boilers have also changed, with natural gas and propane high efficiency condensing boilers becoming a money saving "green" choice for homeowners making the switch from heating oil to natural gas.  For more information on how condensing boilers operate more efficiently, click here.

The conversion from heating oil to natural gas is paying large dividends this winter.  Many homeowners are seeing heating bills 50% or more lower by replacing their old, inefficient oil boiler with a modern high efficiency natural gas model.  Massachusetts homeowner Bruce Balder is more than happy with his selection of a Triangle Tube Prestige Condensing Boiler for his natural gas conversion.  Bruce reports heating bills that are 90% lower than his neighbors.  If you are considering replacing your boiler, contact your local factory-trained contractor for more information.

Click on the image below to see a video showing Bruce Balder's personal account of his natural gas conversion.

Prestige Boiler Testimonial



Indirect Water Heaters can replace traditional water heaters

Many homes have separate radiant (hydronic) heating systems and domestic hot water heaters.  There may have been a good reason for this in the past.  Prior to the wide availability of indirect water heaters, homeowners with radiant heat could either use a tankless coil system or they could use a traditional water heater.  Tankless coils heat domestic hot water by passing the water through a coil inside the boiler.  This has been a fairly standard water heating solution which eliminates the need to have a separate water heater.  

Indirect Water HeaterIndirect water heaters were introduced nearly 25 years ago in North America.  They heat domestic hot water with the boiler system water, eliminating the need for a separate heat source.  As boilers have become smaller, tankless coils were not practical for modern boilers and indirect water heaters became more popular.

If your home has radiant heat, and you are looking for a replacement traditional gas, oil, or electric water heater, it may make sense to replace it with an indirect water heater like the Smart Series models from Triangle Tube.  The Smart Indirect Water Heaters use a unique tank-in-tank design that reduces standby heat loss to less than 1 degree F per hour.  The Smart Series stainless steel design is robust enough to last a lifetime.  In fact it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  

Smart Indirect Water Heaters are a green alternative to traditional or tankless water heaters.  They can be used with traditional or high efficiency boilers which operate on oil, natural gas, or propane.  In addition there are multi-energy models to work with solar water heater systems.

To see more information about Smart Indirect Water Heaters, check out these posts.  Contact your local factory trained contractor for an in-home analysis.


Combination Boiler saves space and energy

Combinations boilers are a modern green choice to meet your heat and hot water needs.  In addition to the energy savings that they provide, they also save space, providing a more organized and usable utility room. 

Triangle Tube's Challenger Combination Boilers eliminate the need for a stand-alone water heater.  This can free up 20 cubic feet or more of space.  This space can be used to better organize your utility room and can provide a solution to a difficult installation.  The Challenger requires less than 3 cubic feet of space.

In addition to space savings, the energy savings can be dramatic.  The unique heat exchanger design of the Challenger Combination Boiler, maximizes its fuel efficiency, with an AFUE of 95%.  This provides an energy savings of over 30% compared to most gas water heaters.  In addition the Challenger eliminates standby heat losses which can total $100 or more per year. 

Combine these savings with the simplicity of a single heat source and the Challenger Combination Boiler can be the perfect solution for your home.  Click here to find a contractor in your area.


Indirect Water Heaters provide Hot Water Year Round

Many people only think of boilers as a winter appliance.  But when boilers are paired with Indirect Water Heaters, they work year round.  This summertime usage helps keep the heating system running properly with minimal maintenance.

Indirect water heaters use the boiler as their heat source making them a green choice.  In comparison with traditional water heaters this eliminates the need for a burner, flue, and fuel connection in the water heater.  This simplified design stores water more efficiently than traditional water heaters.  Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Water Heaters are among the most efficient available.

Traditional gas and oil fired water heaters lose a significant amount of heat through their chimneys.  Indirect water heaters do not have these chimneys, eliminating this heat loss.  Smart Indirect Water Heaters feature a tank-in-tank design where the domestic water is stored in an inner tank which is surrounded by boiler water in the outer tank.  This maximizes the surface area available for heat transfer and eliminates hot spots that encourage scale build-up. 

Click here for more information on water heaters and the advantages of indirect water heaters. 


Condensing Boiler and Indirect Water Heater featured in LEED Green Home

Triangle Tube's Prestige Condensing Boiler and Smart Indirect Water Heater are key hydronic heating system components in a new Green home in New York state.   Malcolm Rowe has constructed a new Energy Star rated home that features the latest technology for environmentally friendly comfort.

Rowe selected the Prestige Condensing Boiler and Smart Indirect Water Heater not only for their energy efficiency, but for their reliability.  The unique design of these two components ensures high efficiency throughout the life of the product while minimizing their maintenance costs.

Click here to read more about the total system approach featured in this home.  By combining the system design practices with the latest technology, the home minimizes its environmental impact.    The low NOx Prestige Boiler works in conjunction with a geothermal system to heat radiant floors.



New Prestige Condensing Boiler Video Highlights Advanced Features

The New Prestige Condensing Boiler has advanced features that further advance its position as the most reliable, user-friendly, and easy to install natural gas or propane boiler available.  The Prestige's high efficiency design provides an AFUE of 96% making it the green choice for residential and light commercial hydronic heating systems.  The Prestige Solo can be combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater for domestic water needs while the Prestige Excellence can provide both space heating and domestic hot water from a single unit.

This video provides an overview of the advanced features of the new Prestige.  For more infomation visit Triangle Tube's website today. 


Prestige Condensing Boiler featured in EcoSmart Green Home

Many of us dream of a future that does not depend on fossil fuels.  Projects like the Rehau Montana EcoSmart green home are showing us the path to this future.  Until we get to a completely fossil fuel free existance, our best choice is to use the least amount of the cleanest fossil fuels.

The engineers choose the Triangle Tube Prestige Condensing boiler to fill this need.  The Prestige minimizes fuel use with an AFUE of 96% and burns clean natural gas.  The Prestige has been designed to minimize emissions and meets California's strict 2012 SCAQMD NOx emissions limits.  The home features residential radiant heating, solar-thermal hot water, and many other energy efficient products.

Please click here to view a complete article on this exciting project !


Wall Mounted Boilers Help Protect Against Flood Damage

The recent floods in the Northeast and Midwest have created quite a bit of havoc so far this year.  We can only hope that the worst is past and that those affected will be able to quickly make repairs and move ahead with their lives. 
Wall Mounted Prestige Boiler
Unfortunately a flooded basement will require the replacement of a boiler if the flood waters are able to enter the boiler enclosure.  This brings into focus another advantage of the Prestige Challenger and Prestige Wall Hung Condensing Boilers.  We have heard many accounts from homeowners where, although they had flood water in their basement, the water had not reached the boiler.  

The Prestige Condensing Boilers and the Challenger Combination Boilers are designed to be wall mounted.   This brings key components to eye level, which enables the boilers to be serviced and checked more easily.  The Prestige and Challenger are highly efficiency boilers with AFUEs of 96% and 95% respectively.  They are available in natural gas or propane, and are a green choice with low NOx emissions.  

The Challenger Combination Boiler can provide up to 3 GPM of hot water, while the Prestige Excellence can provide up to 180 GPH from its internal storage tank.  The Prestige Solo models can be combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater to provide plentiful hot water.

If you are replacing a flood damaged boiler or adding a new boiler, consider the advantages of the wall mounted Prestige or Challenger boilers from Triangle Tube.  They could save you time and trouble in the future.


Prestige Excellence Produces Heat and Hot Water for Philly Green Home

When Anthony Miles dreams, he dreams big.  Anthony was already a successful speaker and entrepreneur when he went to work on his next passion;  driving a new, exciting, and green revitalization to Philadelphia's Francisville residential neighborhood. 

Anthony and his team have been working for the last two years to bring this vision to reality at the Philly Green Home project.  Last week the ground was broken and foundation walls have been poured.  By September the first of 23 new green homes will be completed.  
Prestige Excellence
Anthony has teamed up with leading companies in the green technology arena.  He and his team have selected the Excellence Combination Boiler to provide both heat and hot water for these homes.  On the hydronic heating side, the Excellence will efficiently heat the radiant floors with an AFUE of 96%.  The radiant wood floors will maximize the energy efficiency of the condensing, modulating boiler.  

In domestic water mode, the Excellence will draw pre-heated water from a solar storage tank, and ensure that it reaches the 130 degrees for sanitary use.  A mixing valve will ensure that the water reaching the faucets is not so hot as to scald the user.

The Excellence will use clean burning natural gas and burns clean enough to meet stringent SCAQMD Low NOx emissions standards.   The Excellence is a combination boiler and water heater in a compact package, so it is both energy and space efficient.

Triangle Tube is proud to have been selected as the Official Boiler of the Philly Green Home project.  To find out more about this exciting project please click here.      

Solar Indirect Water Heater is a Green Choice

There are rapid advances in the use of the sun's energy that are makiSunng it attractive to a growing number of homeowners.  While solar power has been available for decades (even the White House had panels in the 1970's), the activity in this market is reaching a fever pitch.  These advances are reducing the costs of installation, which is driving new business, driving new investment, further reducing the costs.  That is the power of progress.

One of the best paybacks today in the solar market is solar thermal - using the sun to heat a home's hot water - and even help with some space heating.  The concept is actually very simple.  Circulate water or glycol through rooftop tubes that heat the water and then transfer that heat to domestic water.  Of course it is more complicated than it sounds and there are a lot of ways to get this done.  But the bottom line is that these relatively simple and compact systems can offset much of the energy used to heat the hot water in a home.  And this is significant because hot water Smart Multi-Energy Tankheating makes up 25% of household energy costs.

Triangle Tube offers a solar hot water solution for homes with hydronic heating.  The Smart Multi-Energy (SME) Indirect Water Heater is designed to integrate solar energy into the complete hydronic system.  The  SME contains a heat transfer coil that transfers the heat from the solar panels to the hydronic system water that surrounds a domestic water tank.  This large volume of water (both hydronic system and domestic) is able to maximize the  heat energy from the solar panels.

When the solar panels are not able to meet the demand, the hydronic system provides heat from a boiler.  Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger natural gas or propane boilers are green choices as their AFUE's are 96% and 95% respectively.  They feature low NOx emissions and modulating controls using outdoor reset to minimize their carbon footprint.


The four keys to Boiler Replacement

There are four keys to successfully replacing your boiler.  By following these keys, you will ensure a fast trouble-free installation and much lower utility bills.  Prestige Boiler

1)  Selecting the right product - Craftsmen will tell you that building a fine piece of furniture starts with selecting the right wood.  The same is true in boiler replacement.  By selecting a reliable, highly efficient boiler, you will ensure that the project will be a success if the three other keys are followed.  Choosing a poorly designed product will ensure long term dissatisfaction, even if the other keys are correct.  Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers are industry leaders in reliability and efficiency.  For more information on this, see the end of this post.

2)  Select the right contractor - Once again, a good contractor will make or break the project.  There is much more involved in replacing a boiler than simply removing the old boiler and inserting a new one.  The boiler must be sized and the piping layout reviewed to ensure that the heating system works in harmony.  A good contractor will have experience and proper training to know how to join all of the parts of the heating system into an efficient, effective, heating machine.  Click here to find certified Triangle Tube contractors in your area.

3)  Size the boiler properly - A lot has changed in your home since the last boiler was installed.  Perhaps you have new windows and/or doors.  Perhaps radiant floor heating was installed.  An addition may have been added, the attic has been insulated.  A proper heat loss analysis must be performed to select the proper boiler for the house.  An boiler that is too large will cause excessive cycling and drive up energy costs.  One that is too small will not keep the house warm on the coldest days.

4)  Use outdoor reset - One of the biggest efficiency gains in new boilers is the ability to use computer technology to adjust the hydronic system to the heating load.  As the weather gets warmer, less heat is required.  By lowering the system temperature, the house is able to be heated much more efficiently.  Please make sure this important feature is being used.  For more information on outdoor reset, click here.

Challenger Boiler
Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers are modern, highly efficient, natural gas or propane boilers that have excellent track records in reliability.  With AFUEs of 95% or higher, and low NOx emissions, these are responsible, green choices for both the environment and your budget.  When paired with a Smart Indirect Fired Water Heater, they form the right solution for your residential heat and hot water needs.  


Natural Gas Condensing Boilers - The Green Solution

One of the positive changes in recent times has been the increased awareness of our impact on the environment.  It was not long ago that "Green" was not a part of our everyday terminology - and who ever heard of a carbon footprint.  Today a significant and ever-growing portion of society considers the environmental impact of their decisions on a regular basis.

Another recent positive change has been the increased use of natural gas.  Not only is it readily available in North America, but it is also a very clean burning fuel.  These two features make it very attractive for many consumers.  Finally, the Prestige Condensing Boilertechnological advancement of hydronic (boiler) heating solutions has resulted in condensing boilers that can operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

Triangle Tube helped drive the residential condensing boiler revolution with the Prestige Condensing Boiler.  Its unique stainless steel fire tube design, high efficiency (96% AFUE), and reliability have made it a leader in its market.  When combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater, homeowners will have an extremely efficient heating and hot water system.
Challenger Combination Boiler
Triangle Tube recently added the Challenger Combination Boiler to its lineup.  This boiler combines a high efficiency (95% AFUE) boiler with an instantaneous water heater within the same unit.  The results is an appliance that provides heat and hot water from the smallest foot print imaginable.  The Challenger is perfect for closet installations or areas where space is at a premium.  

Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger boilers work with both natural gas and propane.  Choose one of them for your "Green" efforts.



Condensing boilers and URA Softball - What do they have in common?

URA SportsThe URA rookie softball teams were battling each other on a beautiful spring evening in Chester County, PA.  The Monarchs and the Mystics were on the field and the temperature at game time was 70 degrees.  As the sun went down the temps fell into the low 60's (despite the hot bats on both sides). 

As parents put on jackets I noticed several parents leaning up against the dug-out.  Just walking within a foot or so of the dug-out wall there was a noticable jump in temperature.  The dark green wall had spent the day absorbing the heat from the sun.  Now that the cooler air was settling in, the wall was radiating its heat to those nearby.

I was able to use this to explain the benefits of radiant heating to the team.  The warmth from the wall made the air nearby warmer, but also radiated its heat to the people leaning against it.  The heat felt better than just warm air.  It had a "substance" behind it.  I am sure you have had a similar experience - so you can imagine the feeling that attracted the crowd.  Now imagine if you could have that same feeling beneath your feet all winter long.
Radiant Tubing Installation in New Construction
You can have this feeling with a radiant floor heating system.  Radiant floor heating is truly invisible and can be installed under new or existing wood, tile, or carpeted floors.  It can even be installed in new concrete slabs.  There are other types of residential radiant heat as well.  Whether it comes from a traditional cast iron radiator or baseboard or the newest residential radiant floor systems, the heat it provides can't be beat.  It is more efficient, more comfortable, and virtually silent.  

Triangle Tube provides high efficiency boilers designed to maximize the efficiency of radiant heating systems.  The Prestige Condensing Boiler, the Prestige Excellence, and the Challenger Combination Boiler all use clean natural gas or propane with AFUE's of 95% or higher.  These green boilers have low NOx emissions and use the latest hydronic controls such as outdoor reset.     

Contact Triangle Tube for more information or use the Contractor Locator to find an installer in your area. 

High Efficiency Boiler Trio - Challenger and Prestige and Prestige Excellence expand options for Homeowners & Installers

Triangle Tube is proud to announce the availability of the new Challenger Combination Boiler.  This boiler joins the industry leading Prestige boiler and the Prestige Excellence to provide a powerful lineup to meet residential and commercial hydronic heating and hot water needs.
Challenger Combination Boiler
The Challenger features a unique copper and aluminum heat exchanger that heats both the space heating system water and the domestic hot water within the one heat exchanger.  The copper waterways are overmolded with aluminum to provide an efficient heat exchanger, eliminating hot spots and maximizing the condensing efficiency.  The Challenger is the only Combination Boiler that is certified as both a boiler and a heat exchanger.  In addition the Challenger is unique because it condenses in both space heating and domestic hot water modes.  The Challenger is available wPrestige High Efficiency Condensing Boilerith inputs of 84, 106, and 124 MBH.

Triangle Tube's industry leading Prestige condensing boiler features a stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger that provides an industry-low pressure drop.  This minimizes pump electric consumption and allows the Prestige to be used in reverse-return installations.  The Prestige is available with inputs from 60 to 399 MBH.  The Prestige 110 MBH size is pre-piped for use with an indirect fired water heater such as Triangle Tube's Smart models.  
Prestige Excellence Boiler & Water Heater 
The Prestige Excellence is a truly unique boiler and water heater combination.  Unlike a Combi boiler such as the Challenger that will provide domestic hot water on demand, the Prestige Excellence includes an integrated tank-in-tank water heater with 14 gallons of stored domestic hot water.  This provides the instant hot water response that homeowners have come to expect from a typical hot water storage tank, along with the compact size and energy efficiency of a combi boiler or instantaneous water heater. 

The Challenger, Prestige, and Prestige Excellence are efficiency leaders with AFUEs of 95% and above.  All models use natural gas or propane and feature green emissions that meet California's SCAQMD requirements for Low NOx emissions.  All models use modern controls, outdoor reset, and modulation to maximize efficiency. 

Triangle Tube's Challenger, Prestige, and Prestige Excellence boilers provide a wide selection of solutions to today's needs for high efficiency boilers.

Green Boiler and Water Heater cuts Pennsylvania Church fuel bills

F.W. Behler Installs Triangle Tube Boilers and ControlsDave Yates of F.W. Behler is a contractor that is determined to provide his customers with the highest efficiency and most reliable hydronic heating solutions.  His latest project at St. Paul's Church in Dallastown, Pa is a terrific example of how the latest energy efficient products can both improve the comfort level in the church while minimizing its natural gas and electricity costs.

Prestige Boilers and Smart Indirect Water Heaters in St. Paul's ChurchDave chose to use two Triangle Tube Prestige Condensing, Modulating, stainless steel boilers to handle the heating requirements.  He selected Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Fired Water Heaters to work with the Prestige boilers for the hot water needs.  Both of the Prestige and the Smart have a minimal pressure drop, which equates to a minimal pump power consumption, another area of energy savings.  The low pressure drop through the Prestige boiler also eliminated the need for a primary circulator, which adds further to the electrical energy savings.

Triangle Tube Optima Control ProgrammingThe parishioners were also pleased with the low maintenance, stainless steel heat exchanger in the Prestige.  This minimizes the annual cost of the hydronic heating system.  By combining the Prestige with new flat panel radiators maximizes the condensing efficiency of the system and provides comfortable radiant warmth.  

Triangle Tube was proud to be part of this project.  The complete article can be found on Green Mechanical Contractor's website, or directly at http://www.greenmechanicalcontractor-digital.com/greenmechanicalcontractor/spring2011?fm=2#pg1.


Challenger Boiler achieves High Efficiency with Low Emissions

The new Challenger Combination Boiler and Hot Water Heater contains a unique heat exchanger that offers many advantages.  The Challenger has been designed for complete efficiency.  This includes space, installation, servicing, and energy use.

Challenger Condensing Boiler and Hot Water HeaterThe Challenger has achieved a boiler efficiency rating of 96% AFUE and can be fueled by natural gas or propane  This condensing efficiency ensures low fuel consumption and low energy bills.  The unique heat exchanger in the Challenger produces hot water directly in the primary heat exchanger.  This enables it to achieve condensing efficiency in hot water production and achieve an energy factor of 0.87.

The high efficiency also allows it to produce low NOx emissions.  These low emissions allow the Challenger to be approved for use in Smart Indirect Water HeaterCalifornia's South Coast Air Quality Management District.   With its low environmental impact, the Challenger is a green choice for residential radiant heat and hot water.

The Challenger joins Triangle Tube's line of Prestige Stainless Steel Condensing Boiler and Smart Indirect Fired Water Heaters as highly efficient and environmentally friendly heat and hot water products. 


Challenger Boiler achieves Condensing Efficiency in Hot Water Production

Triangle Tube's Challenger Combination Boiler contains a unique heat exchanger that provides industry leading hot water energy efficiency.  The Challenger heats domestic hot water in the primary heat exchanger - a unique feature in the industry.

By producing the hot water in the primary heat exchanger the Challenger can utilize its condensing efficiency.  And because most domestic water enters the heat exchanger at temperatures less than 60F, this efficiency gain is significant. 

Challenger's Unique Heat ExchangerThe Challenger's DHW efficiency doesn't stop there.  Another unique feature to the Challenger is the DHW "ECO" mode.  In this mode, the Challenger learns when the domestic hot water is used and preheats the heat exchanger in anticipation of the demand.  This reduces both the time and water consumption required to deliver hot water, resulting in both higher user satisfaction and lower energy and water bills.

In addition, like an instantaneous water heater, the Challenger has eliminated the standby heat losses common in traditional hot water heaters.  The Challenger's advanced control and burner design (for both natural gas and propane) produces very low NOx emissions, surpassing California's current SCAQMD standards.  The Challenger truly is a green solution to your hot water needs.

Prestige Excellence - A Unique Combination Boiler

The Prestige Excellence is a unique product.  The Prestige Excellence fills the space heating role that a boiler most people think of when thinking of boilers.  In fact, it performs this role extremely well with a 95% AFUE efficiency and other features discussed below.  The Prestige Excellence also fills the role of the domestic hot water heater, producing plentiful hot water for the household.

Prestige Excellence Combination BoilerIt is in the domestic hot water mode that the Prestige Excellence sets itself apart.  While other combination boilers can produce both space heating and domestic hot water, most do not have an integrated storage tank.  Most combination boilers do not store hot water;  they produce it instantly much like an instantaneous water heater.  This can have some drawbacks, most noticably a delay in the delivery of the hot water.

The Prestige Excellence contains a fully integrated 14 gallon hot water storage tank.  This enables the Prestige Excellence to supply water with the same response as a traditional storage tank water heater.  The unique tank-in-tank design allows the Excellence to continue to produce hot water at a rate of 180 gallons per hour for the first hour.  This performance has earned praise from homeowners who may have been skeptical at first.

In the boiler role, the Prestige Excellence has the green credentials of low NOx emissions and high efficiency due to its modulating and condensing stainless steel heat exchanger.  This highly efficient and reliable system makes the Prestige Excellence the perfect replacement to older, inefficient boilers. 

Providing both space heating and hot water reduces the installation cost and space requirements for the Prestige Excellence.  Contact Triangle Tube to find a certified installer near you.

Is your modulating boiler properly sized?

Modern boilers gain 5 to 10% increases in efficiency versus their traditional “on-off” counterparts by being able to adjust their output to meet the demand.  “On-off” boilers are either on at full-fire or they are off.  Modulating boilers can operate at anywhere from 20% of 100% of their full fire capacity.  (For more on boiler modulation please read my previous posts by clicking here.)

By operating at lower fire, the boilers gain efficiency and cycle less.  To maximize this performance, and minimize boiler cycling, which is a drag on efficiency, the boiler must be properly sized.  In the past, it was common for boilers to be sized up to 50% greater than their “coldest day” demand.  This further increased boiler cycling. 

Prestige Condensing BoilerWhen replacing an old boiler or installing a new one, it is worth the time to perform a proper heating load analysis.  This will help avoid paying for a boiler that is bigger than needed, or installing a boiler that cannot meet your heating needs.  If a larger boiler is installed than needed you will overspend not only on the initial cost of the boiler, but also by extra fuel cost due to the less efficient operation due to boiler cycling.  While a modulating boiler will operate longer and cycle less than an “on-off” boiler, it still will cycle when the load is lower than the minimum output of the boiler.  Therefore, an oversized boiler should be avoided.

While it may seem logical to simply size your replacement boiler based on the one that is being replaced, a heating load analysis can better determine the size required.  Even if the original boiler had been properly sized when it was installed, there probably have been significant improvements to the house since then.  It is very common for extra insulation and more energy efficient doors and windows to have been installed.  All of these will impact the heating load.

Triangle Tube’s Prestige and Challenger boilers are able to modulate down to between 25% and 30% of the boiler’s maximum output.   This helps improve efficiency especially during the warmer days in the heating season.  This modulation is also helpful when using an indirect water heater like Triangle Tube’s Smart series.  Make your radiant heating system as green as possible by properly sizing your boiler.  Contact Triangle Tube today for more information of click here to locate a certified installer near you.


Indirect Water Heater stores 40 gallons of Hot Water for $0.05 per day

Being green means doing what's best for the environment, and in some cases it requires some sacrifice.  But if you install a Smart Indirect Water Heater from Triangle Tube, there are big benefits for both you and the environment. 

Hydronic heating is the most energy efficient and comfortable way to heat your home.  Hydronic heating uses a boiler like the Prestige modulating boiler to heat hot water that passes through baseboard, in-floor, or traditional radiators.  One of the other benefits of a hydronic heating system is the ability to use an indirect water heater, which is more energy efficient, more reliable, and more productive than traditional gas or electric water heaters. 

One of the benefits of the Smart Indirect Water Heater is that it is completely surrounded by  insulation, unlike traditional gas water heaters that have an uninsulated and drafty flue pipe through their center.  By using 2 inches of foam insulation a Smart indirect water heater is so well insulated that the standby heat loss is only $0.05 per day !
Smart Indirect Water Heaters
A nickel a day is a small price to keep 40 gallons of hot water ready for use (based on natural gas at $1.25/therm).  Many people are considering installing instantaneous water heaters to avoid paying for standby heat loss.  But in their quest to be green, they are having to wait for the hot water to respond, and also are limited in the amount of water they can withdraw at one time.  In addition, the installation and maintenance costs may outweigh any cost savings possible.

In contrast, the Smart water heaters provide instant hot water response to as many demands as needed until the tank is depleted.  But even then, the unique design of the Smart tank reheats water at an industry leading pace.  Designed to eliminate energy robbing limescale, the Smart keeps performing efficiently throughout its life - which is a long one that is guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Take full advantage of your hydronic heating system and make a comparison between the Smart tank and any other tank type or instantaneous water heater.  When you add up all of the benefits to a Smart Indirect Water Heater, you will see that selecting it truly is the Smart choice.