Condensing Boiler Venting is the key to safety and efficiency

Condensing boilers are the modern and efficient way to heat your home.  The combustion process in condensing boilers relies of a fan to push air through the combustion chamber and heat exchanger while traditional boilers rely on a open flame and natural draft.  The natural draft is a simple but inefficient process while the forced air is slightly more complicated but much more efficient.    

The bottom line is that the ventilation is much different than a traditional atmospheric boiler.  The good news is that there are now more options than ever.  High efficiency boilers use a sealed combustion process.  Air is pushed into the burner by a fan.  This air is usually piped from the outside directly to the boiler to minimize drafts.  Room air can often be used, but in most cases, especially residential, this is not optimum as the room air has been heated so the energy that was used to heat the air was wasted.

Vertical TerminationOnce the propane or natural gas fuel has been burned and the gas has passed through the heat exchanger, it is critical that this flue gas is properly sent outside.  Traditional boilers would use a chimney in most cases to carry the flue gas outside.  The natural convection of the hot flue gases would rise naturally up the chimney.  Because high efficiency boilers use a fan to drive the gases, and because their flue gases are not as hot as a traditional boiler (resulting in low NOx emissions), a chimney cannot be used directly as the flue-way.  It can be used as the chase that holds a flue pipe. The Prestige is approved to be vented through a chimney using a flexible polypropylene flue-way. This allows the flue-way to be installed around bends in a chimney making it much easier to use the chimney as a chase.

If an existing chimney cannot be used the Prestige and Challenger can both be vented Sidewall Terminationvertically through a roof or horizontally through a wall.  There are many options for the terminations of the venting that will allow it to both function properly and look attractive.  Engineered terminations are highly recommended because they can help prevent flue gas recirculation, which can destroy a boiler.  It is important that the location of the venting be considered.  It must be located far enough from doorways and windows so that the flue gas cannot enter the house.  Triangle Tube's boilers are supplied with guides that outline the options. 

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Indirect Water Heaters combine efficiency with long life

Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique tank-in-tank design that not only improves the recovery rate but also ensures that the water heater performs at higher levels of efficiency as the years add up.  The tank-in-tank design surrounds the domestic water with high temperature boiler water, maximizing the surface area that is available to transfer heat the to domestic water.  Other indirect water heaters pass hot boiler water through a coil in the tank, which limits the surface area.Smart Indirect Water Heater

This coil also is a hot spot in the tank, which encourages scale to form.  Over time, the scale collects on the coil, insulating the coil, limiting the heat transfer and increasing the time required to heat the domestic water.  This scale can collect and eventually cause the coil to fail.

The tank-in-tank design eliminates the hot spots since the entire tank is heated at the same rate.  Any scale that may form is freed from the walls of the tank during the normal heating process of the hot water, ensuring that the heat transfer rate stays at the same high level over time.

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Start saving today with Condensing Boilers and Indirect Water Heaters

When the time comes to replace your boiler or water heater you are presented with the opportunity to reduce your overall costs. If you replace your system with a traditional boiler or water heater you will be making an investment that will simply replace your old system with a new system that is only marginally more efficient.  

Replacing your heating system with a high efficiency condensing boiler or indirect water heater will maximize the return on your investment.  New condensing modulating boilers provide AFUE efficiencies of up to 95%.  Adding an indirect water heater to your system allows you to use your high efficiency boiler to heat your domestic hot water also, providing further savings.  In many cases the energy savings can be 40 to 50% or higher.Smart Water Heaters

Triangle Tube specializes only in high efficiency boilers and water heaters.  The Prestige and Challenger Boilers have efficiencies of 95% AFUE.  Triangle Tube's Smart Indirect Water Heater feature a unique tank-in-tank design surrounded by 2 inches of insulating foam.

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Multiple heating zones call for Condensing Boilers !

When was the last time you thought about the size of the boiler in your house?  If you want to enjoy low heating bills then boiler size matters.  In most cases a boiler will be oversized because the installer does not want homeowners requesting a new system if the house cannot stay warm.  While no one wants to have a cold house all winter, in many cases installers overcompensate and install a boiler 20 to 50% larger than required.

While this prevents a cold house on the coldest days of the year, it also reduces potential efficiency gains.  In most of the year, the full capacity of the boiler is not required, and with low heating loads a boiler will need to cycle on and off to meet the needs.  Modulating boilers reduce this cycling as they can run at a low firing rate.  Traditional boilers operate simply on or off at the highest firing rate.
Challenger Boiler
Houses with multiple zones compound the boiler sizing issues.  In a home with multiple zones, a single zone may require heat, which is a fraction of the full heating load.  A condensing boiler works better than conventional boilers due to its ability to modulate, or adjust its firing rate from full fire to a rate that is only 1/3rd of its full firing rate.  Therefore, when a single zone in a home requires heat, the boiler is able to handle that requirement at firing rate that is better suited for the job.

Triangle Tube's Prestige and Challenger Condensing boilers are designed  to meet the needs of homes with single or multiple zones.  When combined with a Smart Indirect Water Heater they make an energy efficient solution to most hydronic heating needs.


How to maximize the efficiency and comfort of radiant floor heating

Radiant Floor Heating is one of the fastest growing heating methods.  The benefits of radiant floor heating are obvious to anyone who has been in a home with tPrestige TriMax Condensing, Modulating Boilerhis heat.  The warm floors provide an even, comfortable heat.  The heat radiates throughout the entire space, is silent, and does not circulate dust.

Radiant floor heat provided by a high efficiency condensing boiler like the Prestige TriMax or the Challenger, is among the most efficient heating systems available.  This system operates at lower system temperatures, which allows boilers to operate at their highest efficiency.  Traditional boilers cannot operate at these lower temperatures.  Traditional boilers must mix their high temperature supply with low temperature return water to bring the water down low enough to pass through the radiant floor.  The Prestige TriMax's burner design and stainless steel heat exchanger allows it to operate efficiently and provide supply water at precisely the right temperature.  This allows the boiler to condense, providing the Prestige Trimax with an AFUE of 95%.  Triangle Tube's Condensing boilers operate with both natural gas and propane.

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Combination Boiler variety provides many paths to energy savings

One of the recent innovations in hydronic heating has been the development of compact and efficient combination boilers.  Condensing boilers offer efficiency improvements over traditional boilers, with many condensing boilers offering AFUE efficiency scores of 93% or more.  These boilers provide significant fuel savings and operate on natural gas or propane.

One of the benefits of hydronic heating systems (heating systems with boilers), is the ability for the boiler to provide domestic water heating as well.  Triangle Tube helped establish this capability in North America with the introduction of the Smart Indirect Water Heater in the 1980's.  The Smart product line's unique tank-in-taPrestige Excellencenk design continues to provide the longest lasting, most efficient domestic water heating today.

Combination boilers provide both space heating and domestic water heating in one unit.  Triangle Tube's two combination boiler lines, the Prestige Excellence and the Challenger Combination boilers offer unique advantages for homeowners. 

The Prestige Excellence Boiler combines a tank-in-tank indirect water heater with the 110 MBH Prestige Condensing Boiler and works at 93% AFUE.  The tank-in-tank water heater is unique because it maintains 14 gallons of hot water to provide immediate hot water response. 

The Challenger Combination Boiler features a unique dual purpose heat exchanger that heats both the heating system water and domestic hot water through separate channels.  This simplified design improves efficiency and reliability by eliminating the separate heat exchanger and three-way valve that most combination boilers use.

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Indirect Water Heaters Save Energy and with Simplicity

Nearly 20% of residential energy bills is used to produce hot water.  Much of this energy is consumed to simply maintain the water in the water heater at the desired temperature.  Traditional gas water heaters have a flue in the center of the tank that is uninsulated, and allows the heat from the water in the tank to easily transfer to the air in the flue, which then goes outside.

Many homeowners have installed instantaneous water heaters to eliminate this heat loss.  Instantaneous Smart Indirect Water Heaterwater heaters do not have a storage tank, so they have virtually no standby heat loss.  Of course, by eliminating the storage tank, the water heater does not have the same response as a traditional water heater.  There is a longer wait time for the hot water to arrive at the faucet, along with other issues at low flow rates and the so called "hot water sandwich" effect.  

A simpler solution is available to homeowners with hydronic radiant heating.  Indirect water heaters can nearly eliminate standby heat loss.  Indirect water heaters use the heat from the boiler system water to heat the domestic hot water.  This eliminates the need for a burner system for the water heater, simplifying the unit and allowing it to be well insulated.

The Smart Indirect Water Heater from Triangle Tube is completely encased in 2 inches of foam insulation. This minimizes the heat loss to 1/2 degree F per hour.  This heat loss is so low, that it costs only $0.05 per day to keep 40 gallons of hot water ready to use (with natural gas).  The Smart 40 model is the most popular model, and its unique design gives it the ability to heat water twice as fast as a traditional gas water heater.  With this performance, many homeowners find that a Smart 40 delivers hot water better the traditional 75 gallon water heater it replaced.      

To find out more about how the Smart Indirect Water Heater can minimize your utility bills, contact Triangle Tube or your local factory-trained contractor today.


Save space, energy, and money with a Combination Boiler!

Imagine one appliance that can produce both hydronic heat and hot water.  This combination provides many benefits.  By combining the functions the heating and hot water systems are more compact, more efficient, and easier to install.  Combination boilers do all this and more.

The Challenger Combination Boilers are the  most compact and lightweight combination boilers in North America.  The unique Dual-Purpose heat exchanger features two copper waterways, one for hydronic heating, and one for domestic hot water.  Heating both systems in a single heat exchanger simplifies the design and saves space.  The heat exchanger is a condensing design, resulting in high efficiency with an AFUE of up to 93%.

The unique Challenger heat exchanger contains fewer parts, reducing maintenance costs and keeping the function as simple as possible.  This simplicity helps ensure the longevity of the Challenger, ensuring the energy savings you see today last well into the future.

Challenger Combination Boilers are easy to install, reducing labor costs.  The lightweight design is able to be installed by a single person on most framed, cinder block, or concrete walls.  Contact a Triangle Tube Contractor for more information.  Triangle Tube is the leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of high efficiency residential boilers in North America.


Indirect Water Heater's unique design provides efficiency and longevity advantage

Radiant heating systems are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home.  Modern high efficiency boilers like the Prestige or Challenger Solo models from Triangle Tube maximize the efficiency of these systems.  But whether you are using a traditional or high efficiency boiler, an indirect water heater will provide hot water up to 50% more efficiently than traditional gas or oil models.Smart Indirect Water Heaters

The Smart Indirect Water Heater from Triangle Tube features a unique tank-in-tank design.  The inner tank contains the domestic hot water which is used in your shower, kitchen, clothes washer, etc.  The outer tank contains the boiler system water that is heated by the boiler.  When the domestic water temperature drops below the minimum level, usually because the hot water is being used, the boiler will send hot boiler system water to heat the tank containing the domestic water.  

This unique design of the inner tank has a large surface area to transfer the heat.  This large surface area heats water up to twice as fast as traditional natural gas or propane models and up to 4 times faster than electric models.  This allows homeowners to use a smaller water heater with superior performance of larger traditional hot water heaters.  

The tank in tank design virtually eliminates "hot spots" because the tank is surrounded by boiler water.  Other indirect water heaters use a heating coil that passes boiler water through a coil placed in the domestic water tank.  These coils are hot spots in the tank, and encourage the formation of scale.  Over time this scale build-up increases recovery times and causes premature failures.  The Smart Indirect Water Heaters are so reliable that they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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What is the best time to replace your boiler and hot water heater?

Installing a new boiler and / or water heater is a big decision that many homeowners face at least once.  It is important to select the right system, and have it installed at the time that is most convenient for you.  In addition, by timing your installation correctly you can ensure that you can have the system installed at the best possible cost.  

Indirect Water Heaters

The early fall is one of the best times for a new boiler installation.  Most installers are less busy at this time because there is a lull between the air conditioning and heating seasons.  If you wait until late November or December many installers will be very busy and it will be more difficult to find a time that works for you.  In addition,  the system should be installed when heat is not required. Obviously during installation the heat will be off for a period of time.  


Combination Boiler

Select a contractor that has the products and service that you require and fits your budget.  You may want to contact 2 or 3 contractors to get their opinions on the best system for you.  Click here to find Triangle Tube factory trained contractors in your area.  

To reduce your energy bills now and minimize the impact of future fuel price volatility, select high efficiency products like Triangle Tube's Condensing Boilers and Smart Indirect Water Heaters.  For smaller spaces a Combination Boiler may be the best product for you.  Combination boilers produce both heat and hot water from the same appliance.



High efficiency boilers help control fuel costs

The polar vortex made the winter of 2014 one of the coldest ever.  Most homeowners were left with higher Triangle Tube Prestige Condensing Boilerheating bills both due to increased energy usage and higher fuel costs.  The high usage of natural gas led to a significant decrease in the natural gas inventories and nearly doubled the fuel price.  Heating oil and propane also increased in price.

While you cannot control the cost of the fuel, you can control the amount of fuel that you use.  One of the best ways to do this is to install a high efficiency boiler.  High efficiency condensing boilers can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 40%.  An internal microprocessor controls the burner, modulating the fuel to the burner to optimize the amount of heat produced.  

Triangle Tube Prestige Condensing boilers feature the exclusive TriMax control.  This advanced control uses a graphical display to clearly display the boiler's operation.  The Prestige boilers have achieved an AFUE rating of 95%, among the most efficient possible.  With a stainless steel heat exchanger and a 10 year record of success, the Prestige Condensing Boilers lead the industry in reliability and performance.

Click here for more information on high efficiency boilers.

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Combination Boilers meet every hot water need

Challenger Combination BoilerCombination boilers are growing in popularity as a compact, cost efficient, and energy source for heat and hot water.  Combination boilers provide the efficiencies of a condensing boiler and a tankless water heater in one appliance.  This combination is more cost effective than separate boilers and water heaters and much more space efficient.

Most combination boilers follow a similar design where hot water heating is simply accomplished with a dedicated hot water heat exchanger built into the boiler cabinet.  Triangle Tube’s Challenger Combination Boiler and Prestige Excellence models have innovative designs that differentiate them from their competition making them more efficient with a better hot water response.

The Challenger Combination Boiler features a unique two-in-one heat exchanger that provides both space heat and hot water.  Prestige Excellence Combination BoilerThis innovative design makes the Challenger more compact and easier to install.  Because the hot water is heated in the primary heat exchanger, there are fewer components, making it more reliable but more importantly it is much more efficient.  With cold supply water flowing into the heat exchanger, the Challenger operates fully in the condensing mode, extracting the most heat possible from the natural gas or propane fuel.

The Prestige Excellence Combination Boiler combines Triangle Tube’s high efficiency stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger  with  Triangle Tube’s tank-in-tank water heater.  The unique tank-in-tank design stores 14 gallons of hot water and can provide 3 gpm of hot water on an ongoing basis.  The stored supply provides the hot water response of a traditional water heater. 

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High Efficiency Boilers: How modulation improves efficiency

During the dead of winter many boilers work overtime.  The cold weather requires boilers to operate at full  throttle to keep up with the heat lost from the house.  During the spring and fall the heat loss decreases dramatically, reducing the load on the boiler. 

Traditional boilers are not capable at running at lower outputs so they turn on and off more frequently.  Keystone Condensing Modulating High Efficiency BoilerWhile this uses less fuel than running continuously at high output, it is less efficient in terms of heat per unit of natural gas, propane, or oil.

High efficiency boilers are able to throttle back their output.  This is known as modulation.  Modulating boilers determine the amount of heat required (by using outdoor reset) and adjust their firing rate as low as possible to meet the heating needs.  Boilers are more efficient when they operate at lower temperatures.  Operating at lower temperatures also reduces the cycling of the boiler which further improves the efficiency.  

Triangle Tube designs and manufactures only high efficiency modulating condensing boilers.  Their broad line meets nearly any home size and even includes combination boilers that provide both space heating and hot water.  For more information on Triangle Tube’s Prestige, Challenger, and Keystone boilers contact your Triangle Tube factory trained representative today.


Indirect Water Heaters: The perfect partner to your new boiler

After this winter, many homeowners will consider replacing their boiler.  The boiler that has served them well for decades has worked overtime this year.  Maybe it is time to replace it with a new, more efficient model. The energy savings and confidence in its performance will make it a wise investment.  

There are many things to consider when designing the replacement system.  Should the boiler be high Smart Indirect Water Heaterefficiency or cast iron?  Should the fuel be natural gas, propane, or oil?  How large should the boiler be?  One important consideration is; How should we heat our hot water?   

One of the most efficient and long lasting solutions for hot water heating is an indirect water heater.  And one of the most efficient indirect water heaters is the Triangle Tube Smart Series.  Smart Indirect Water Heaters feature a unique tank-in-tank design that provides a rapid recovery rate that heats water twice as fast as traditional gas water heaters and four times as fast as electric models.  For more information on the indirect water heaters click here.

Maximize the return on your boiler investment with an indirect water heater.  If you already have a traditional water heater that relatively new, then simply as your installer to provide connections that will allow an indirect water heater to be easily installed when a water heater replacement is needed.  

Contact Triangle Tube or your local factory trained contractor today for more information.


Combination Boilers efficiently produce both heat and hot water

Triangle Tube brings energy efficiency and simplicity together with their line of combination boilers.  Combination boilers provide both heat and hot water from a single appliance.  This simplifies life by eliminating duplicate heat sources and frees up space that would be taken by a separate water heater.  In addition, the investment in an energy efficient boiler will pay off when heating hot water too.  

Triangle Tube offers two high efficiency combination boiler models.

Challenger Solo BoilerChallenger Combi Combination Boiler - The Challenger Combi Condensing Boiler is designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency in a minimum footprint.  The   The Challenger's compact size and quiet operation makes it perfect for installations in closets or in spaces near the living space.  The unique dual function heat exchangercopper water-tube and aluminum heat exchanger provides efficiency and rugged reliability.  In addition, the aluminum design makes the Challenger light enough for single-person installation if needed.

The Challenger Solo features a reliable boiler control and an easy-to-install piping bracket.  The compact Challenger Solo doesn't skimp on performance, though, with 4 models from 85 MBH to 150 MBH, which will be enough for most 4 bedroom homes.  Efficiency is not compromised either, with up to AFUE ratings of up to 93.5%.


Prestige Condensing BoilerPrestige Excellence Combination Boiler - The Prestige Excellence Combination Boiler combines the efficiency of the Prestige Solo Condensing Boiler and the performance of the Smart Indirect Water Heater in one unit.  The Prestige Excellence features a revolutionary stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger for performance, efficiency (AFUE 95%), and reliability in both heating and hot water mode.  For more information on the this heat exchanger click here.   

The Prestige Excellence is a unique combination boiler.  Unlike most models, which do not maintain a stored volume of water, the Prestige Excellence maintains 14 gallons of water for immediate use.  The tank-in-tank water heater within the unit heats water so quickly and efficiently that it can handle most showers with an "unending" supply of hot water.




Condensing Boiler and Indirect Water Heater featured on Hometime

Triangle Tube's Prestige Condensing Boiler and Smart Indirect Water Heater were selected for Hometime's recent home remodel.  The Prestige was chosen for the project for its energy efficiency, reliable performance, and ease of installation.  The videos illustrate the energy efficient Prestige TriMax Boiler control, which can operate with two different temperatures.  This allows the boiler to operate at a lower temperature for radiant floor heating and a higher temperature for domestic water heating with the Smart Indirect Water Heater.  

Operating at the lower temperature for space heating allows the boiler to operate at peak efficiency while operating at higher temperature allows for rapid domestic water heating.  This is just one example of the energy efficient operation of Triangle Tube boilers and water Heaters.




Condensing boilers melt snow at maximum efficiency

The polar vortex has been punishing much of the United States and Canada but many homeowners are fighting back with Triangle Tube Condensing Boilers.  Condensing boilers efficiently heat homes and hot water throughout winter and Keystone Condensing Boilerthe shoulder months.  But when snow falls some homeowners get the added convenience of a clean driveway and walkway with a snowmelt system powered by their condensing boiler.

In snowmelt systems heated boiler water (usually a glycoll mixture) is circulated through tubing under the driveway or walkway, raising the surface temperature to melt the snow as it lands.  These systems are not only convenient but they provide added safety especially on slopes and steps.

Condensing boilers are the perfect choice for snowmelt applications.  The snowmelt loop operates at low temperatures which allows the boiler to operate at maximum efficiency.  In snowmelt applications a condensing boiler can operate at up to 98% efficiency.

Triangle Tube's Prestige, Keystone, and Challenger high efficiency modulating condensing boilers operate on natural gas or propane can all be used in snowmelt applications.  With the broadest selection of condensing boilers, you are certain to find one sized to meet your needs.

For more information, contact Triangle Tube or a factory trained contractor today.


Oil to Natural Gas Conversions pay immediate dividends !

This winter has been especially cold - giving nearly everyone higher heating bills than ever.  One group of people that could be seeing lower bills this year are natural gas converts.  Homeowners have been switching from heating oil to natural gas over the past decade and this winter is generating more conversions than ever.  Not too many years ago, heating oil was the predominant heat source in the Northeastern US.  Many homes had oil-fired boilers to fight off the winter cold.  That has changed in the last decade as homeowners switch to natural gas boilers.

The US has undergone a transformation in natural gas production, making it more plentiful, reliable, and cost effective than ever.  Boilers have also changed, with natural gas and propane high efficiency condensing boilers becoming a money saving "green" choice for homeowners making the switch from heating oil to natural gas.  For more information on how condensing boilers operate more efficiently, click here.

The conversion from heating oil to natural gas is paying large dividends this winter.  Many homeowners are seeing heating bills 50% or more lower by replacing their old, inefficient oil boiler with a modern high efficiency natural gas model.  Massachusetts homeowner Bruce Balder is more than happy with his selection of a Triangle Tube Prestige Condensing Boiler for his natural gas conversion.  Bruce reports heating bills that are 90% lower than his neighbors.  If you are considering replacing your boiler, contact your local factory-trained contractor for more information.

Click on the image below to see a video showing Bruce Balder's personal account of his natural gas conversion.

Prestige Boiler Testimonial



Outdoor reset: Why your high efficiency boiler needs it.

Outdoor reset is a simple concept that maximizes the efficiency of your hydronic heating system.  Outdoor reset is a key part of all high efficiency boilers.  Today's condensing, modulating boilers use outdoor reset to produce heat at the level needed due to outdoor conditions.

High efficiency natural gas and propane boilers can modulate their heat level to meet the heating needs of the Triangle Tube Challenger Combi Boilerhome.  When it is colder outside, a high efficiency boiler sends water to the radiators at higher temperatures than when it is warmer outside.  This higher temperature water provides more heat to the house to offset the additional heat lost to the outdoors.  

As the temperature rises the boiler sends water to the house at lower temperatures and then lower temperature water returns to the boiler.  When the temperature of the returning water is below 130 F the boiler is able to condense.  This condensing greatly increases the efficiency of the boiler.  

Installing outdoor reset is rather simple.  An outdoor sensor must be installed in a proper location and then wired to the boiler.  Many modern boilers such as Triangle Tube's Prestige Condensing Boiler with TriMax Control recognize that the sensor is connected.

Triangle Tube specializes in high efficiency boilers, such as the Prestige models and the Challenger Solo and Challenger Combination Boilers.  For more information, contact your local factory trained contractor.


Indirect Water Heaters can replace traditional water heaters

Many homes have separate radiant (hydronic) heating systems and domestic hot water heaters.  There may have been a good reason for this in the past.  Prior to the wide availability of indirect water heaters, homeowners with radiant heat could either use a tankless coil system or they could use a traditional water heater.  Tankless coils heat domestic hot water by passing the water through a coil inside the boiler.  This has been a fairly standard water heating solution which eliminates the need to have a separate water heater.  

Indirect Water HeaterIndirect water heaters were introduced nearly 25 years ago in North America.  They heat domestic hot water with the boiler system water, eliminating the need for a separate heat source.  As boilers have become smaller, tankless coils were not practical for modern boilers and indirect water heaters became more popular.

If your home has radiant heat, and you are looking for a replacement traditional gas, oil, or electric water heater, it may make sense to replace it with an indirect water heater like the Smart Series models from Triangle Tube.  The Smart Indirect Water Heaters use a unique tank-in-tank design that reduces standby heat loss to less than 1 degree F per hour.  The Smart Series stainless steel design is robust enough to last a lifetime.  In fact it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  

Smart Indirect Water Heaters are a green alternative to traditional or tankless water heaters.  They can be used with traditional or high efficiency boilers which operate on oil, natural gas, or propane.  In addition there are multi-energy models to work with solar water heater systems.

To see more information about Smart Indirect Water Heaters, check out these posts.  Contact your local factory trained contractor for an in-home analysis.